Port Coquitlam

Penner Glenn Pollock Dean Washington Brad West Michael Wright leader_title3 MP (Members of the Canadian House of Commons) leader_name3 James Moore (James Moore (Canadian politician)) (Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada)) leader_title4 MLA (Legislative Assembly of British Columbia) leader_name4 Mike Farnworth (New Democrat (New Democratic Party of British Columbia)) established_title

Coquitlam , British Columbia, Canada. He is the current MLA (Member of the legislative assembly) for the riding of Port Coquitlam (Port Coquitlam (provincial electoral district)). Originally, the station served as a secondary transfer point for regional buses from

Melville, Saskatchewan

subdivision_type4 subdivision_name4 government_footnotes government_type leader_title Mayor leader_name Walter Streelasky leader_title1 MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) Constituency of Melville-Saltcoats (Melville-Saltcoats) leader_name1 Bob Bjornerud leader_title2 MP Yorkton—Melville leader_name2 Garry Breitkreuz

. It is currently represented served by their MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly), Bob Bjornerud. Melville is represented in the Canadian House of Commons by its MP of the Yorkton—Melville riding, currently Garry Breitkreuz. Infrastructure Melville's namesake was the president of the Grand Trunk Railway and Grand Trunk

Rising , the character of Hannibal Lecter shows up in the "hamlet of Melville" in the final scene of the movie. Oddly, the town is surrounded by forest and is referred to as "near Saskatoon." Notable residents * George Abel - Olympic Gold Medalist * Sid Abel - Hockey Hall of Famer (deceased (death)) * Phil Bessler - Former NHL player for the Detroit Red Wings * Evan Carlson - Former Saskatchewan MLA * Tim Cheveldae - NHL Goaltender

Selkirk, Manitoba

leader_title3 MLA (Legislative Assembly of Manitoba) leader_name3 Gregory Dewar established_title Established established_date June 5, 1882 established_title2 established_date2 established_title3 established_date3 area_magnitude unit_pref area_footnotes area_total_km2

member of the Manitoba legislature 1988-2003 *Hugh McFadyen, Manitoba politician, MLA *Howard Pawley, MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) Selkirk 1969-1988;Premier of Manitoba 1981-1988 *Sam Uskiw Manitoba politician, born in East Selkirk General *Trevor Boris comedian *Robert Atkinson Davis businessman and politician, supported running the railway through Winnipeg instead of Selkirk *The Farrell Bros. rockabilly (music) group * Kevin Patterson (writer

with 1023 votes. At the time, the riding's MLA was New Democrat (New Democratic Party of Manitoba) Howard Pawley, the provincial Premier. * Residents of the area around the Selkirk (Selkirk, Manitoba) steam plant attributed various environmental damage to the continued operation of this plant, which at the time was fuelled by coal. Manitoba Hydro has converted this plant to natural gas, which, while a more expensive and faster-depleting energy source than coal, burns

Steinbach, Manitoba

leader_name Chris Goertzen leader_title1 Governing Body leader_name1 Steinbach City Council leader_title2 MP (Canadian House of Commons) (Provencher (Provencher (electoral district))) leader_name2 Ted Falk (CPC) (Conservative Party of Canada) leader_title3 MLA (Legislative Assembly of Manitoba) (Steinbach (Steinbach (electoral district))) leader_name3 Kelvin Goertzen Progressive

of Steinbach Mayor Chris Goertzen publisher City of Steinbach date url http: steinbach.ca city_hall mayor_and_council mayor_chris_goertzen accessdate 1 August 2010 Provincially Steinbach is represented by a single MLA (Manitoba Legislative Assembly) for the riding of Steinbach (Steinbach (electoral district)), while federally the city is part of the Provencher (Provencher (electoral district)) riding. Currently the city and Provencher are represented

; *''Royal Canoe'', indie rock band *''The Undecided'', pop-punk band *''The Waking Eyes'', alternative rock band Politicians *Robert Banman, former MLA, provincial cabinet minister *Leonard Barkman, former MLA *Jake Epp, former MP, federal cabinet minister

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

government_type leader_title Mayor leader_name Gary Vidal leader_title1 MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) Constituency of Meadow Lake (Meadow Lake (provincial electoral district)) leader_name1 Jeremy Harrison leader_title2 MP (Member of Parliament) Desnethé—Missinippi—Churchill River leader_name2 Rob Clarke

Government of Saskatchewan date December 9, 2008 url http: www.mds.gov.sk.ca apps Pub MDS welcome.aspx accessdate 2009-05-08 Provincially, Meadow Lake is within the Meadow Lake (Meadow Lake (provincial electoral district)) constituency. It is currently represented served by their MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly), Jeremy Harrison of the Saskatchewan Party.

Comeau - 2006 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships Gold Medallist, NHL hockey player with the Pittsburgh Penguins * Jeff Friesen - Former NHL hockey player * Joe Handley - Former Premier of The Northwest Territories * Jeremy Harrison - Current MLA (Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan) * D. J. King - Former NHL hockey player * Dwight King - NHL hockey player with the Los Angeles Kings * John Klebuc - Chief Justice of The Saskatchewan Court


subdivision_name4 government_footnotes government_type leader_title Mayor leader_name Marg Lampman leader_title1 Governing body leader_name1 District of Lillooet leader_title2 MLA (Legislative Assembly of British Columbia) leader_name2 Jackie Tegart (BC Liberals) leader_title3 MP (Members of the Canadian House of Commons) leader_name3 Mark

Carson Ernest Carson , MLA for Lillooet (Lillooet (electoral district)) (and Lillooet West) and provincial Minister of Work. Son of Robert & Eliza Jane Carson. *Carl Chaplin - Carl was the community's official "artist-in-residence" during the 1980s and resided in Miyazaki House *Alexander E.B. Davie (Alexander Edmund Batson Davie), member of the Legislative Assembly for Lillooet (Lillooet (electoral district)) and 8th Premier of British Columbia * Andrew

of Donald Manson, well known in the early history of the Hudson's Bay Company in BC. *Captain John Martley - pioneer at Pavilion, ex-British Army officer *George Murray (George Matheson Murray) - MLA and publisher of the ''Bridge River-Lillooet News'' *Arthur Noel (Arthur Noel (miner)) - with his wife Delina, co-discoverer of the Bralorne Mine (Bralorne, British Columbia) *A.W.A. "Artie" Phair, Caspar's son; local photographer and archivist

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

; leader_name2 Randy Kamp leader_title3 leader_name3 Marc Dalton and Doug Bing leader_title4 leader_name4 established_title Incorporation (Municipal corporation) established_date 1874 (district municipality) established_title2   established_date2 September 12, 2014 (city)

Robson, Kathy Morse, Al Hogarth, Bill Hartley, Belle Morse, Carl Durkson, and Ernie Daykin. Maple Ridge has two constituencies in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. In the 2013 provincial election (British Columbia general election, 2013), the BC Liberal Party (British Columbia Liberal Party) won both of Maple Ridge's two seats. Liberal MLAs Marc Dalton holds the seat to the east (Maple Ridge-Mission) while MLA Doug Bing holds the seat to the west (Maple Ridge-Pitt

Times date March 24, 2014 *Greg Moore (Greg Moore (race car driver)), deceased Champ Car driver *Cam Neely, former professional


of the Mavelikara constituency. Kodikunnil Suresh of the INC has been representing the Mavelikkara constituency since 2009. State Assembly Chengannur's assembly constituency (Number 110) is a part of the Mavelikkara (Lok Sabha constituency), which after demarcation extends from Changanassery in Kottayam district to Kottarakkara in Kollam district. The first speaker of the Kerala legislative assembly, Mr. Sankaranarayanan Thampi, was from a MLA from Chengannur

.Shobhana George had represented the constituency in the 9th, 10th and 11th Legislative Assemblies. The current MLA is P. C. Vishnunath from INC (Indian National Congress); he is representing Chengannur for the second term.

Greater Vancouver

) John Weston ( Conservative ) 18 Alice Wong ( Conservative ) leader_title3 MLA (Legislative Assembly of British Columbia)s leader_name3

". Rosemary Brown (Rosemary Brown (politician)) was the first black woman elected to political office, becoming an MLA in 1972, and the first woman and first black person to run for a party leadership in 1975. Emery Barnes, a football player elected to the Legislature alongside Rosemary Brown in 1972, and stayed in that capacity until 1996, serving as the Speaker from 1994. Former Indo-Canadian Premier Ujjal Dosanjh was the first non-white premier of the province, while Douglas

Jung was the first Chinese-Canadian to become a Member of Parliament. Yonah Martin is the first Korean-Canadian to hold federal public office. Jenny Kwan was the first Chinese-Canadian provincial cabinet minister in Canada. Naomi Yamamoto and Mable Elmore are respectively the first Japanese and Filipino MLAs in the province. Furthermore, Stephanie Cadieux is the first quadriplegic MLA, while Svend Robinson was the first openly gay Canadian MP. !--Atebe in Mission

Barrhead, Alberta

leader_title Mayor leader_name Gerry St. Pierre leader_title1 Governing&nbsp;body leader_name1 Barrhead Town Council leader_title2 MP (Members of the Canadian House of Commons) leader_name2 Jim Eglinski leader_title3 MLA (Legislative Assembly of Alberta) leader_name3 Maureen Kubinec leader_title4 leader_name4 established_title <

of the House, MLA and former deputy Premier (past resident) *Allan Measures, retired ice hockey player from the SM-liiga in Finland, drafted by Vancouver Canucks External links *

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