and follow sand road for 4 km phone +25 884 419 4032 tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content Chalets are all built on the highest dunes and all have sea views overlooking the bay “Baia Das Correntes”, which is protected by the “Lighthouse” Reef. *

Roman Catholic Diocese of Sion

. Théodule, rätoroman. Sogn Gioder), Bischof von Octodurus (Martigny, Martinach) spalten 881-884 * Category:Valais Sion (Category:Prince-Bishops of Switzerland) Category:History of Switzerland Category:Former principalities !-- The Prince

First Czechoslovak Republic

2 013 792 139 900 637 183 85 644 70 529 42 313 '''2 989 361''' - align "left" Carpathian Ruthenia 19 737 10 460 102 144 372 884 80 059 6 760 '''592 044''' - align "left" '''Czechoslovak Republic''' '''8 760 937''' '''3 123 568''' '''745 431''' '''461 849''' '''180 855''' '''238 080''' '''13 410 750''' National disputes arose due to the fact that the more numerous Czech people Czechs


'''Barton''' is a village and civil parish in the Richmondshire district of North Yorkshire, England. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 884. It is situated near the border with the ceremonial county of County Durham, and is 6 miles south-west of Darlington. The village is recorded as ''Bartun'' in the Domesday


http: english index_content.html email address Margaritas 25 lat long directions Near Parque de las Palapas phone +52 998 884 3158 tollfree fax hours price content La Habichuela is a must-visit with its Mexican cuisine, Mayan setting and Caribbean seafood. This restaurant has been open since 1977 and is a legend in Cancún. The romantic, outside garden is a popular place to dine with the decoration of various native trees

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address Ave Tulum N°26, SM 5, MZA 5, Lote 1, Col Centro lat long directions phone +52 998 884 9696 tollfree fax hours price From 510 pesos checkin checkout content A C, cableTV, and internet connection. Swimming pool, fitness room gym, and a restaurant, bar, and café. * '''Crown Paradise Club - All Inclusive Resort - Cancún''', Blvd Kukulkan Km 18.5 Zona Hotelera. Water park for the kids with a pirate ship and 8 water slides, a la carte and buffet


: frame002.htm The Countrywide Blue Tour (in Hungarian:Országos Kéktúra , Kéktúra or simply OKT) is a part of the Hungarian section of the European Long Distance Walking Route E4. The route starts atop the Irottkő Mountain (884 m) on the Austrian-Hungarian border a short distance from Szombathely. Theaters *

Neo-Assyrian Empire

History of Astronomy and Cosmology''. New York and London: W.W. Norton & Company. ISBN 0393036561. Pages 32. The oldest known siege towers were used by the armies of the Neo-Assyrian Empire in the 9th century BC, under Ashurnasirpal II (r. 884 BC-859 BC). Reliefs from his reign, and subsequent reigns, depict siege towers in use with a number of other siegeworks, including ramps and battering rams. The Neo-Assyrian Empire, followed by the Achaemenids. In Greece

, in art as well as in religion and mythology. Archaeologically, Archaic Greece is marked by Geometric pottery. thumb 120px left Parthian temple in Assur. (File:Assur temple.jpg) In the Neo-Assyrian Empire (912-608 BC), the royal residence was transferred to other Assyrian cities. Ashur-nasir-pal II (884-859 BC) moved the capital from Assur to Kalhu (Calah Nimrud). Yet the city of Assur remained the religious center of the empire, due to its temple of the national god Ashur


-day Ukraine. Trolleybuses appear in Zhytomyr in 1962. The total length of Zhytomyr city electric transport routes (trolleybuses and trams) is 275 km. History Legend holds that Zhytomyr was established about 884 by Zhytomyr, prince of a Slavic tribe of Drevlians. This date, 884, is cut in the large stone of the ice age times, standing on the hill where Zhytomyr was founded. Zhytomyr was one of the prominent cities of Kievan Rus

Fort St. John, British Columbia

, Municipal Census Populations, 1976–1986. BC Stats, Municipal Census Populations, 1986–1996. BC Stats, Municipal Census Populations, 1996–2006. The first census to include Fort St. John as a defined subdivision occurred in 1951 and recorded 884 people. The population rapidly increased, doubling almost every 5 years for 15 years so that by 1966 there were 6,749 residents living in the community. BC Stats, Municipal Census Populations

Grande Prairie

occurred in 1951 and recorded 884 people. The population rapidly increased, doubling almost every 5 years for 15 years so that by 1966 there were 6,749 residents living in the community. BC Stats, Municipal Census Populations, 1921–1971. Population growth slowed in the 1970s, rising by 1,551 people, from 8,264 in 1971 to 9,815 in 1978. However, by 1981 the population had swelled to 14,337 people, an increase of 4,522 people in just 3 years. A recession in the 1980s kept

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