Clarkston, Michigan

United States Census Bureau accessdate 2013-06-03 population_footnotes population_total 882 population_density_km2 773.9 population_density_sq_mi 2004.5 population_note population_metro population_density_metro_km2 population_density_metro_sq_mi population_urban population_density_urban_km2 population_density_urban_sq_mi population_blank1_title

623384 website footnotes '''City of the Village of Clarkston''' or '''Clarkston''' is a small city located in Oakland County (Oakland County, Michigan) in the U.S. state of Michigan. The city is approximately one half square mile and is completely surrounded by Independence Charter Township (Independence Township, Michigan). The population was 882 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census). ref name "Census 2010">

name "FactFinder" . The racial makeup of the city was 97.7% White

Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy

;ref name "Philippe George" Stavelot and Malmedy were both burned, with the monks not returning until just before Christmas 882, with a stay in Chooz (Chooz, Ardennes) allowed them to repair the roofs of the monastic buildings. Relics from Aachen, which had been entrusted to the monks at Stavelot because of the Norman threat, were returned intact. In gratitude, on 13 November 882, Charles the Fat, Carolingian emperor and king

Veliky Novgorod

for the Scandinavian settlement of the region is found in the ''Annales Bertiniani'' (written up until 882) where a Rus' delegation is mentioned as having visited Constantinople in 838 and, intending to return to the Rus' Khaganate via the Baltic Sea, were questioned by Frankish Emperor (list of Frankish kings) Louis the Pious at Ingelheim am Rhein, where they said that although their origin was Swedish, they had settled in Northern Rus' under a leader who they designated

Rus' In 882, Rurik's successor, Oleg of Novgorod, conquered Kiev and founded the state of Kievan Rus'. Novgorod's size as well as its political, economic, and cultural influence made it the second most important city in Kievan Rus'. According to a custom, the elder son and heir of the ruling Kievan monarch was sent to rule Novgorod even as a minor. When the ruling monarch had no such son, Novgorod was governed by posadniks, such as the legendary Gostomysl, Dobrynya

Krivich tribe in 882 when Oleg of Novgorod took it in passing from Novgorod (Veliky Novgorod) to Kiev. The town was first attested two decades earlier, when the Varangian (Varangians) chieftains Askold and Dir, while on their way to Kiev, decided against challenging Smolensk on account of its large size and population. In the same 1340 Simeon engaged in his first military standoff with Veliky Novgorod. Simeon claimed his right to collect taxes in the Novgorodian town


the city and longer cruises to destinations further away. If you're extremely lucky, you just might spot the very rare Saimaa Ringed Seal (''saimaannorppa''). You can also rent a boat, go fishing or hiking. In the winter when the Saimaa is frozen over there are designated routes for long distance skating on the ice. Buy *

Batangas City

Radyo 837 Iloilo * DWIZ 882 kHz (DWIZ) Batangas News Programs *TV Patrol Southern Tagalog (ABS-CBN TV-10 Batangas) *24 Oras Bikol (GMA Bicol) *Aksyon Southern Tagalog (Aksyon) (TV5 Batangas) *MYX Channel News Southern Tagalog (MYX Channel Batangas) Newspaper '''Based in Batangas City''' * Sun.Star People's Courier since 1963 * Pahayagang BALIKAS Sister cities The following are Batangas City's sister cities (Town twinning): * - Rio de

Ajax, Ontario

codes *Ajax (Ajax, Ontario)-Pickering (Pickering, Ontario): '''(289)'''-200 224 229 255 275 277 314 315 372 387 388 417 422 423 460 482 484 624 631 882 892 923 986 987 988, '''(905)'''-231 239 250 391 409 420 421 422 423 424 426 427 428 492 509 550 619 621 622 626 683 686 706 744 767 831 837 839 903 995 999 *Ancaster (Ancaster, Ontario): '''(289)'''-204 239 346 445 450 495 735 855, '''(905)'''-304 648 The Greater Toronto Area ("GTA") is home to the largest Filipino community


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