in rulers until the coming of the first Serbian Prince known by name, Višeslav (Višeslav of Serbia), who was a contemporary with Charlemagne (768–814). Višeslav's son, or grandson, ruled during the uprisings of Ljudevit Posavski against the Franks in 819–822. According to the Royal Frankish Annals, in 822, Ljudevit went from his seat in Sisak to the Serbs somewhere in western Bosnia – the Serbs are mentioned as controlling the greater part of Dalmatia (Roman province

800–822 Son of Višeslav I. He or his son ruled during the uprisings (819–822) of Ljudevit Posavski against the Franks. According to the Royal Frankish Annals, in 822, Ljudevit went from his seat in Sisak to the Serbs somewhere in western Bosnia (History of Bosnia and Herzegovina (until 958)) who controlled a great part of Dalmatia (Dalmatia (Roman province)). At this time, there was peace with Bulgaria (First Bulgarian Empire). center>

; ''"...Sorabi, quae natio magnam Dalmatiae partem obtinere dicitur..."'' transl. "Serbs, who inhabit a large part of Dalmatia" -Royal Frankish Annals, 822 - It was the starting-point of several important roads leading to the north-eastern portion of the empire — the road (''Via Iulia Augusta'') by ''Iulium Carnicum'' to Veldidena (mod. Wilten, near Innsbruck), from which branched off the road


directions 4 miles outside of town phone +501 822-2124 tollfree fax checkin checkout price content Owned by a former UK soccer player and MTV Presenter. Facilities include 5 lodge rooms, 3-bedroom garden cottage, 4-bedroom villa, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, on-site travel company, and tour operator. *

directions phone +501 822-4011 tollfree fax +501 822-2487 hours price content *


in business - Chez Paul (Bistro Bar) 303, avenue Tamarac Saint-Bernard out of business - Chez Paul (Taverne) Au Gobelet 403, avenue Tamarac Saint-Pierre burned down - Chez Rosaire 763, rue Lambert Saint-Marc still in business - Corvette 822, rue Trudel Saint-Marc burned down in 1973 - Taverne Laliberté Taverne des Expos, Bar de l’Énergie 1572, avenue Saint-Marc Saint-Marc still in business - Taverne Moderne 2282, avenue Saint-Marc

822, rue Trudel Saint-Marc burned down in 1973 - Château Turcotte 1000, avenue Melville Saint-Pierre 1858 burned down in 1878 - De Lasalle Hôtel Central, Grand Central 590, 3e rue Saint-Paul, Grand-Mère damaged by fire in 2012, out of business Incendie à l'ancien Hôtel de Lasalle, Marie-Ève Lafontaine, Le


: *Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, automobiles *Saskatchewan Railway Museum, Saskatoon Saskatchewan 40 Avenue, Wetaskiwin From Hwy 2A (Alberta Highway 2A) (56 Street) & Hwy 13 (Alberta Highway 13) in Wetaskiwin, to Hwy 822 (Alberta Highway 822) 8.1 '''814 (Alberta Highway 814)''' 47 Street, Wetaskiwin; 50 Street, Beaumont (Beaumont, Alberta) From Hwy 13 (Alberta Highway 13) in Wetaskiwin, to Alberta Highway


;Creating the past"; Charles-Edwards, ''Early Christian Ireland'', pp. 522-3 The Danes (Danes (Germanic tribe)) plundered Cloyne in 822, 824 and again in 885 when, according to the Annals of the Four Masters, the Abbot and Prior of the monastery were killed. The Annals of Inisfallen mention that in 978 A.D. the people of Ossory (Kingdom of Ossory) plundered Cloyne and that in 1088 A.D. Diarmait Ua Briain devastated it. "The Book of Cloyne


, Dumoulin 1994 ) (822-908), for whom he had served as a head monk. When founding his school, he taught at the ''Yunmen'' monastery of Shaozhou (Shaoguan), from which he received his name. The Yunmen school flourished into the early Song Dynasty, with particular influence on the upper classes, and eventually culminating in the compilation and writing of the ''Blue Cliff Record''. The school would eventually be absorbed by the Rinzai school later in the Song. The lineage still

Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic

. I.B.Tauris, 2000. ISBN 978-1-86064-822-9, 9781860648229. Among the important accomplishments of the Parliament was the extension of suffrage to women, making Azerbaijan the first Muslim nation to grant women equal political rights with men. In this accomplishment, Azerbaijan also preceded the United Kingdom and the United States. Another important accomplishment of ADR was the establishment of Baku State University, which


* Splurge *

Chinatown, Oakland

. Oakland Fire Department, Engine Company No. 12 is located at 822 Alice Street at 9th Street. Oakland Fire Department: Home Fire engine (Fire apparatus) 2552 is assigned to this fire station. The citizens of Oakland and the Oakland Fire Department will remember the service and sacrifice of Oakland Engine Company No. 12. Hoseman Tracy Toomey who died in the line of duty on January 10, 1999 in a 2 story building collapse


(vol. III, 822) points to Guinea having been a corrupt form of Jenne (Djenné) 2,000 year old city in central Mali on Niger river , less famous than Ghana but nevertheless for many centuries famed in the Maghrib as a great market and a seat of learning. The relevant passage reads: "The Kingdom of Ghinea . . . called by the merchants of our nation Gheneoa, by the natural inhabitants thereof Genni and by the Portugals and other people of Europe Ghinea." But it seems more probable

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