Dos Pilas

Dos Pilas latd 16 latm 26.75 latNS N longd 90 longm 17.75 longEW W leader1 B'alaj Chan K'awiil leader2 Itzamnaaj K'awiil leader3 Ucha'an K'in B'alam leader4 K'awiil Chan K'inich year_leader1 648–692 year_leader2 698–726 year_leader3 727–741 year_leader4 741–761 '''Dos Pilas''' is a Pre-Columbian site of the Maya civilization located in what is now

B'alam ''c''. 695 Shield Jaguar - Itzamnaaj K'awiil 24 March 698 – 22 October 726 Ruler 2, Shield God K - Ucha'an K'in B'alam 6 January 727 – 28 May 741 Master of Sun Jaguar, Ruler 3, Scroll-head God K, Spangle-head, Jewelled Head - K'awiil Chan K'inich 23 June 741 – 761 Ruler 4, God K Sky, Mahk'ina B'alaj Chan K'awiil (Ruler 1) (c. 648–692+ ) was born on 15 October AD 625. ref name "SKM

;ref name "MartinGrube" ) had a short reign. He was the son of B'alaj Chan K'awiil and his wife from Itzan. Martin & Grube 2000, p. 58. Itzamnaaj K'awiil (Ruler 2) (698–726 ), another son of B'alaj Chan Kawiil, was born in AD 673, probably in Calakmul during his family's exile after Dos Pilas was defeated by Tikal. His birth abroad seems to have been cause for embarrassment


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Exploration Fund Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund volume 3 (pp. 63 -81) * (pp. 890-1) *

"warm spring", The first modern


Broughton Moor Civil parish align "right" 726 Allerdale Cockermouth Rural District (Cockermouth Rural District) - - 100px (File:Buttermere - - 497309.jpg) Buttermere (Buttermere, Cumbria) Civil parish align "right" 127 Allerdale Cockermouth Rural District (Cockermouth Rural District) <

of Allerdale in Cumbria, England. It is situated on an extensive moor about north west of Cockermouth. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 726. Office

Kafr Yasif

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in gathering money for the imperial treasury. Zhang Shuo did not believe Yuwen Rong could do him harm, but in 726 was removed after accusations by Yuwen. In the aftermaths, Zhang Jiuling was made the deputy minister of worship (太常少卿, ''Taichang Shaoqing'') -- an honored post without much actual authority—and soon was made the prefect of Ji Prefecture (冀州, roughly modern Hengshui, Hebei). Zhang, because his mother was then old and at home in Shao Prefecture, requested to be posted


rates''). * '''Hotel & Hostel Sport''', Kolodvorska ulica 1. Has a mix of hotel and hostel rooms. Price includes breakfast and free Internet in the lobby. €25-30 per person. * '''Pivka jama Tourist Colony and Campground''', Veliki Otok 50 (''4 km northwest of town, drive past the caves and follow the signs''), +386 5 720 39 93 (fax: +386 5 726 53 48, email:, Campground in a pine forest near the Pivka cave. It has 300 sites


La Palestine byzantine, Peuplement et Populations, Vol. III : Catalogue series BAR International Series 726 year 1998 publisher Archeopress location Oxford * *

Abu Dis

title The Survey of Western Palestine: Memoirs of the Topography, Orography, Hydrography, and Archaeology location London publisher Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund (Palestine Exploration Fund) volume 3 * *

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