Queen Maud Land

; ) is a peak at the west side of the mouth of Reece Valley, in the south part of the Sverdrup Mountains in Queen Maud Land. Plotted from air photos by the German Antarctic Expedition (1938-39

Expedition , 1956-60; remapped by Soviet Antarctic Expedition, 1960-61, and named after Soviet historical geographer A.I. Andreyev. ) is a group of small

) is a peak with a gravel moraine on the northwest side, situated 1 nautical mile (1.9 km) east of Slettfjell in the Ahlmann Ridge of Queen Maud Land. Mapped by Norwegian cartographers from surveys and air photos by Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic


Russian and don't have an abundance of time, enlisting the help of a travel agency to see the sights you want to see is probably necessary for all but the most adventurous travelers. *

phone +7 4242 72-3643 tollfree fax hours Tu-Su 10AM-6PM price RUB60 content Opened in 1989 in the building of the former Japanese bank "Hokkaido Takushoku" from the 1930s. The three permanent expositions include: "Copies of Ancient Russian Frescos", "Art of Japan", and "Art of Korea". *

@mail.ru address Kommunistichesky Pr. 29 lat 46.958999 long 142.744446 directions phone +7 4242 72-7555 tollfree fax hours M-F 11AM-6PM except Tu 11AM-5PM price Foreigners RUB60 content (pictured) Housed in the former Japanese building dating back to 1937, the museum hosts exhibitions about the islands natural and climatic features, as well as the history of Sakhalin and a quite good ethnographic collection of the island's indigenous peoples. Don't miss the outdoor

Kingdom of Dambadeniya

to escape his power. Sri Lanka never really recovered from the impact of Kalinga Magha's invasion. King Vijayabâhu III, who led the resistance, brought the kingdom to Dambadeniya (Kingdom of Dambadeniya). The north, in the meanwhile, eventually evolved into the Jaffna kingdom. Nadarajan , V ''History of Ceylon Tamils'', p.72 Indrapala, K ''Early Tamil Settlements in Ceylon'', p.16 ref>

;ref name "Nadarajan p.72" Nadarajan , V ''History of Ceylon Tamils'', p.72 Indrapala, K ''Early Tamil Settlements in Ceylon'', p.16 The Jaffna kingdom never came under the rule of any kingdom of the south except on one occasion; in 1450, following the conquest led by king Parâkramabâhu VI (Parakramabahu VI of Kotte)'s adopted son, Prince Sapumal (Bhuvanekabahu VI of Kotte).

Nizhny Tagil

-72 monument in its production place, Nizhny Tagil thumb View of Nizhny Tagil (File:Nizhny tagil industry.jpg) thumb Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Nizhny Tagil (File:Nizhniy tagil StAlexander Nyevsky Cathedral.JPG) thumb First Russian locomotive (File:First locomotive Russia.jpg) thumb Nizhny Tagil railway station (File:Nishnytagil-trainstation-20070128.jpg) thumb Nizhny Tagil industry (File:Nizhny tagil demidov factory from fox hill.jpg) '''Nizhny Tagil''' (

tank manufacturer in the world. The T-72, T-90, and T-95 are produced in the city. Culture Nizhny Tagil is known for its decorative trays. Demidovs' initiatives in the area of culture had a favorable influence on the development of Tagil community into the Urals' most important cultural center. In the 19th century, a library and the museum of natural history and antiquity were opened. Nizhny Tagil has a wide network of 28 libraries servicing 75,000&nbsp

. - Nizhny Tagil Нижний Тагил Sverdlovsk Oblast - thumb left Object 172 at the Kubinka Tank Museum (File:Object 172 (T-72 prototype on the basis of T-64).jpg) An "economy" tank with the old design V-46 powerplant was developed from 1967 at the Uralvagonzavod Factory located in Nizhny Tagil. Chief engineer Leonid Kartsev created "Object 172", the initial design, but the prototype, marked "Object 172M", was refined and finished by Valeri


copies of the 72-page work, and even then had to do much of the typesetting and operating the press himself, both to save costs but also because the equations in the book posed problems for the printer. In 1943 the massacres were organized westwards, starting in March in Kostopol and Sarny counties. In April they moved to the area of Krzemieniec, Rivne, Dubno and Lutsk. Piotr Zając, Polish Institute of National Remembrance, http

Restaurant "Monastyrska doroga" alt Музейно-театральний ресторан "Монастирська дорога" url email monastyrskadoroga@gmail.com address Lesi Ukrainky St. 67 lat long directions Downtown phone +38 0332 72-52-04, +38 050 76-63-689 tollfree fax hours 11AM - 11PM price content Monasteries which were in Lutsk are waiting there for you. Styled restaurant walls will guide you through the Lutsk abbey road, which will leave unforgettable impressions. Delicious

Vytautas” alt Ресторан "Корона Вітовта" email kvrestoran@mail.ru address Castle Square, Plitnitsy St. 1 lat long directions phone +38 0332 72-71-14, +38 097 39-08-688, +38 095 78-92-505 tollfree fax hours 12AM - 12PM price content During the archeological digging in the wall of the old foundation half-burned manuscript was found. It was a diary of the king’s chef Svarog, where he did calculations, wrote recipes, created by him dishes, described some


Journal of Nautical Archaeology,Its first silver coinage was minted approximately 350 BC. In 72 BC, Callatis was conquered by the Roman general Lucullus and was assigned to the Roman province of Moesia Inferior. Throughout the 2nd century AD, the city built defensive fortifications and the minting of coinage under the Roman emperors Septimius Severus and Caracalla continued. Callatis

data Mangalia publisher date August 2010 Demographics At the 2011 census, Mangalia had 30,276 Romanians (90.55%), 1,462 Turks (Turks of Romania) (4.37%), 1,195 Tatars (Tatars of Romania) (3.57%), 165 Roma (Roma in Romania) (0.49%), 107 Lipovans (0.32%), 72 Hungarians (Hungarians in Romania) (0.22

%), 18 Aromanians (0.05%), 7 Germans (Germans of Romania) (0.02%), 72 others (0.22%), 60 of undeclared ethnicity (0.18%). Tourist attractions thumb 200px left Callatis Artifacts (File:CallatisMangalia.JPG) thumb 200px right Esmahan Sultan Mosque (File:Mangalia Mosque1020578.jpg) The city has been well known in recent years as the place where one of the largest summer festivals in Romania takes place: Callatis Festival. The Scythian tomb discovered in 1959 where

Fort William, India

, and gave way to the wide grassy stretch of the Maidan of which Calcutta is so proud. The formation of this airy expanse and the filling up of the creek which had cut off the settlement in the south, led the European inhabitants to gradually forsake the narrow limits of the old palisades. The movement towards Chowringhee had already been noticeable as early as 1746.” Cotton, H.E.A., ''Calcutta Old and New'', 1909 1980, p 72, General Printers and Publishers Pvt. Ltd. He

forsook the narrow limits of the old palisades and moved to around the Maidan . Cotton, H.E.A., p. 72. In 1754 he became Commander-in-Chief of the East Indies Station. The English settlement at Fort William, India sought assistance from the Presidency of Fort St. George (Madras Presidency) at Madras (Chennai), which sent Colonel Robert Clive (Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive) and Admiral Charles Watson. They re

The strengthening of British power, subsequent to their victory in the Battle of Plassey was followed by the construction of the new Fort William (Fort William, India), in 1758. The European inhabitants of Kalikata gradually forsook the narrow limits of the old palisades and moved to around the Maidan. Cotton, H.E.A., p. 72. In the mid eighteenth century Englishmen began to build magnificent houses on the Chowringhee that earned Kolkata the title of ‘City of Palaces


Dec record low C 7.4 Jan precipitation mm 4.7 Feb precipitation mm 56.2 Mar precipitation mm 17.0 Apr precipitation mm 7.8 May precipitation mm 2.5 Jun precipitation mm 0.0 Jul precipitation mm 0.1 Aug precipitation mm 0.0 Sep precipitation mm 0.5 Oct precipitation mm 0.0 Nov precipitation mm 3.8 Dec precipitation mm 15.9 Jan humidity 72 Feb humidity 74 Mar humidity 72 Apr humidity 65 May humidity 63 Jun humidity 70 Jul humidity 77 Aug

humidity 80 Sep humidity 79 Oct humidity 73 Nov humidity 72 Dec humidity 74 Jan sun 269.4 Feb sun 228.6 Mar sun 230.8 Apr sun 276.0 May sun 322.4 Jun sun 310.9 Jul sun 281.5 Aug sun 275.6 Sep sun 276.3 Oct sun 284.6 Nov sun 257.5 Dec sun 259.8 source 1 NOAA (all but average maximum, 1980-1990)


: Southern Umnak. Umnak, the third largest of the Aleutian Islands after Unimak (Unimak Island) and Unalaska (Unalaska Island), lies in the Fox Islands (Fox Islands (Alaska)) of the Aleutian Islands of the Bering Sea, to the southwest of the larger island of Unalaska (Unalaska Island). It is approximately wide on average.

; ref . Following

of Staff agreed to move quickly to regain the territory. American planners decided to build a series of airfields to the west of Umnak, from which bombers could attack the invading forces.

San José del Cabo

of the most erratic anywhere in the world due to this influence, and many years pass by without significant falls at all. The sea experiences lows of 72–73 °F (22–23 °C) in winter, and highs of 77–84 °F (25–29 °C) during the summer months. http: www.myweather2.com City-Town Mexico San-Jose-Del-Cabo climate-profile.aspx?month 12 class "wikitable" +Average Sea Temperature - !'''Jan''' !'''Feb''' !'''Mar''' !'''Apr''' !'''May

''' !'''Jun''' !'''Jul''' !'''Aug''' !'''Sep''' !'''Oct''' !'''Nov''' !'''Dec''' - 73 °F 23 °C 72 °F 22 °C 72 °F 22 °C 72 °F 22 °C 73 °F 23 °C 77 °F 25 °C 81 °F 27 °C 84 °F 29 °C 84 °F 29 °C 84 °F 29 °C 81 °F 27 °C 77 °F 25 °C

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