Kingdom of Gwynedd

, Prince of Gwynedd (Kingdom of Gwynedd) who became his father-in-law in 1215 Brut y Tywysogion when Reginald married Llywelyn's daughter, Gwladus Ddu. , also '''Cadwallader''' or '''Cadwalader''') was King of Gwynedd (Kingdom of Gwynedd) (reigned c. 655 – 682). Two devastating plagues happened during his reign, one in 664

and the other in 682, with himself a victim of the second one. Little else is known of his reign. Cadwaladr is most widely recognised as a prominent character in the romantic (Romance (heroic literature)) stories of Geoffrey of Monmouth, where he is portrayed as the last in a line of legendary kings of Britain.

Prince of Deheubarth (909–950) **'''Kingdom of Gwynedd''' - Idwal Foel (916–942) **'''Kingdom of Powys''' - Llywelyn ap Merfyn (900–942) The Peniarth MS. 20 version begins in 682 with a record of the death of Cadwaladr and ends in 1332. The entries for the earlier years are brief, usually records of deaths and events such as eclipses, plagues or earthquakes, but later entries give much more detail. The main focus is on the rulers of the kingdoms


of the silk trade with numerous textile workshops. History ''For a more comprehensive treatment of the region, see the history (Gīlān Province#History) section of Gilan (Gīlān Province).'' thumb right An old mosque in Rasht, 1886. (File:Rasht mosque.png) thumb 200px Tomb of Dana ye Ali, a famous resident of the Black Stalk Village in Rasht. (File:Dana Ali in Rasht.jpg) Timeline *682: Rasht was first mentioned in historical documents. *1669

was established with its capital in Rasht *1937: A revolt, sparked by the desire to collect a "road tax" from the Russians, was suppressed. *1974: First university established in Rasht. Rasht was first mentioned in historical documents in 682 CE, but it is certainly older than this. It has seen the Sassanid era, the armies of Peter the Great (Peter I of Russia) and later Russian rulers, and British colonialism. The people of Rasht also played a major role in the Constitutional


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Dos Pilas

, p. 58. Balaj Chan K'awiil had a famous daughter with a second wife, this daughter was Lady Six Sky who was despatched to Naranjo to refound its obliterated dynasty. Sharer & Traxler 2006, pp.387, 389. Balaj Chan K'awiil is known to have made several further visits to Calakmul; in 682 he celebrated a period ending ceremony there under Yuknoom the Great and in 686 he attended the enthroning of his successor, Yuknoom Yich'aak K'ak'. ref name "

as (Ix) Wak Chanil Ajaw, aka "(Lady) Six Sky"—arrived in Naranjo in the year 682, to establish (or re-establish) a regal dynastic line at Naranjo. Wak Chanil is presumed to be the mother of the next-recorded Naranjo ruler, K'ak' Tiliw Chan Chaak who acceded in 693, although no known inscription explicitly establishes this relationship. Given that K'ak' Tiliw Chan Chaak was five years old when he acceded, it is most likely that his mother Lady Six Sky was ''de facto'' ruler

Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen

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governed and administered by a council of elder (elder (administrative title))s. The Igbo in Nigeria are found in Abia (Abia State), Anambra (Anambra State), Ebonyi (Ebonyi State), Enugu (Enugu State), Imo State


. ''The Ante-nicene Fathers'' by Alexander Roberts 2007 ISBN 1602064768 page 682 ''Religions of the Hellenistic-Roman age'' by Antonía Tripolitis 2001 ISBN 080284913X page 100 Marcus J. Borg (Marcus Borg) and John Dominic Crossan state that given the antagonism of Celsus towards Christianity, his suggestion of the Roman parentage of Jesus might derive from the memory of Roman military operations suppressing a revolt at Sepphoris near

History of the Khitans

-generals Zhang Yuxuan and Ma Renjie were captured-- Tang China was astonished by the announcement of the defeat and Empress Wu Zetian quickly issued decrees to launch a new offensive and encourage participation. Victory in battle remained with the Khitans until Li Jinzhong died of disease. The rising power of the Khitans also threatened the newly established Second Göktürk Empire (682–745) and the khagan Ashina Mochuo, who had supported their rebellion, now asked the Tang Dynasty

Pitt Meadows

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LiAZ 5292.jpg Bus LiAZ-5292 File:Tatra T3.jpeg Retro Tatra T3 Tram File:Tatra T6B5.jpeg Newer Tatra T6B5 Tram File:КТМ 19.jpeg Upgraded KTM-19 Tram File:ZiU-682 90 Ulyanovsk.jpg Trolleybus ZiU-9 File:Airport Ulyanovsk.JPG Ulyanovsk Central Airport, major airport, primarily for domestic flights File:Аэродромы и терминалы-терминал, Ульяновск - Восточный (Авиастар) RP35296.jpg Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport, Cargo Terminal Education !-- Deleted

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