Bowen Island

attraction of Bowen Island to Vancouverites has been to get away from everything and relax. If you want to "do" something however, there are a few options. One is to rent a '''kayak''' and paddle around Snug Cove or venture around the island. '''Bowen Island Sea Kayaking''', on the ferry dock at Snug Cove, 604-947-9266 ( ), rents kayaks by the hour or overnight. They also provide

, as well as many artist studios and galleries located at Artisan Square a 5 minute drive or 15 minute walk from the Ferry. Eat * '''Doc Morgans Marina Pub and Restaurant''', (CLOSED AS OF MAY 2012) short walk from the ferry dock, 604-947-9443. Open 7 days a week. Best patio on the island! Fish and Chips, Fresh Seafood Specials, and Cheap Cocktails! *

long directions 2 minute walk from Ferry phone +1 604-947-0550 tollfree fax hours nightly from 5PM (summer) price $15-25 content A bustling European style trattoria in a heritage style house with a lush garden patio. Pizza Artigiana & Mediterraean cuisine. Thoughtful wine list. Reservations recommended. *


: use tags-- elevation_m 10 elevation_ft postal_code_type Postal code span postal_code V2P to V2Z area_code 1 + 604 blank_name Highways blank_info blank1_name Waterways blank1_info Chilliwack River, Vedder River, Fraser River website

covers the main parts of Chilliwack with barely used buses. Transit is centered on Cottonwood Mall. See Do * Try '''Cultus Lake Park''' in the summer for a refreshing dip or stay in one of the lakefront campgrounds. Weekends tend to be overcrowded. About 10km south of Chilliwack. *

. phone +1 604 855-7241 tollfree fax hours 10-6 price Full Pass: $22.86 content A fun summer attraction for kids and adults, and a nice way to pass a very hot day. Twilight rates are available, and while it's not the sort of place you need to go often, it's a good a one-day outing from much of the Lower Mainland, especially with kids. Best bets are late June and early July, or rainy days, as it can often be very busy. * Hike! There are lots of nice trails in and around


January (no year) -- year_end 634 year_exile_start year_exile_end event1 Shared crown with Deira (Deira (kingdom)) date_event1 604 event2 date_event2 event3 date_event3 event4

-status residence lay the island of Lindisfarne (formerly known, in Welsh, as ''Ynys Metcaut''), which became the seat (diocese) of the Bernician bishops (Bishop of Lindisfarne). It is unknown when the Angles finally conquered the whole region, but around 604 is likely. Kings of British Bryneich There are several Old Welsh pedigrees of princely "Men of the North (Hen Ogledd)" (''Gwŷr y Gogledd'') which may represent the kings of the British kingdom in the area, which may

obtained the throne and the kingdom about 547. His sons spent many years fighting a united force from the surrounding Brythonic kingdoms until their alliance collapsed into civil war. A forcibly united Northumbria Ida’s grandson, Æthelfrith (Æthelfrith of Northumbria) (Æðelfriþ), united Deira (Deira (kingdom)) with his own kingdom by force around the year 604. He ruled the two kingdoms (united as Northumbria) until he was defeated and killed by Rædwald of East Anglia (who had given

Pitt Meadows

latNS longd longm longs longEW elevation_footnotes elevation_m 8 elevation_ft postal_code_type Postal code postal_code V3Y area_code 604, 778, 236 blank_name blank_info blank1_name blank1_info website Official website footnotes 44px (Image:Flag of Canada.svg) center>

directions phone +1-604-465-8977 tollfree fax +1-604-465-4512 hours 24h, daily price No landing fee content Has no scheduled commercial service, but the 4700' main and shorter secondary runways make a pleasant destination for the general aviation pilot flying a small plane. Get around See * '''Pitt Lake''' is a short ways north of town, reaching into a steep valley where BC's mountains meet the Fraser Valley. Rent kayaks to explore the lake. Do *

Winery tasting url http: email address 18539 Dewdney Trunk Rd lat long directions Lougheed Hwy east from Pitt River Bridge, left onto Dewdney Trunk Road, between Reichenbach and Rippington Roads phone +1-604-465-5563 tollfree fax +1-604-465-5513 hours 10-18h daily price Free content White and red cranberry wine, and other fruit wines. Wine tasting and sales, with tours by appointment. *

West Vancouver

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, 778 (Area codes 604 and 778) website West Vancouver footnotes '''West Vancouver''' is a district municipality in the province of British Columbia, Canada. A member municipality of Metro Vancouver, the governing body of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the municipality is northwest of the city of Vancouver on the northern side of English Bay (Vancouver) English

address Beacon Lane lat long directions follow Marine Dr west from Dundarave, turn left onto Beacon Lane and follow it to the park parking lot phone +1 604 925-7270 (for information about recreation programs and facility rentals) tollfree fax hours Open daily 6AM-10:30PM price Free content Trails wind over and around huge glacial boulders and old-growth forest, some leading down to various beaches with views of Vancouver. The main trail from the parking are leads to the Point

Port Coquitlam

Pacific Time Zone utc_offset -8 timezone_DST Pacific Daylight Time utc_offset_DST -7 latd 49 latm 15 lats 45 latNS N longd 122 longm 46 longs 52 longEW W elevation_footnotes tags-- elevation_m 30 elevation_ft postal_code_type Postal code span postal_code V3B, V3C, V3E (List of V Postal Codes of Canada) area_code Area code 604

604 , 778 (Area code 778) blank_name blank_info blank1_name blank1_info website City of Port Coquitlam footnotes '''Port Coquitlam''' is a city in British Columbia, Canada. Located east of Vancouver, it sits at the confluence of the Fraser River and the Pitt River. Coquitlam borders it on the north, the Coquitlam

url email address Colony Farm Rd lat long directions main entrance and parking is at the end of Colony Farm Rd phone +1 604 520-6442 tollfree fax hours Open during the day, closes at dusk price content Popular spot with 8.5 km of trails and opportunities for birdwatching. An estimated 150 species of birds are in the park. Do *


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to 604 '''Aethelric (Aethelric of Deira)''' (Aedilric) '''ÆÞELRIC IDING''' BERNICIA 7 DEIRA CYNING '''ÆÞELRIC REX''' BERNICIA ET DEIRA - colspan "4" '''Bernician Dynasty''' - valign top bgcolor "#ffffec" 593 604''?'' to 616 '''Aethelfrith (Aethelfrith of Northumbria)''' '''ÆÞELFERÞ ÆÞELRICING''' DEIRA CYNING '''ÆÞELFERÞ REX''' small>

in Durham Cathedral birth_place Deira, Northumbria beatified_date DATE OF BIRTH 604 PLACE OF BIRTH Deira, Northumbria DATE OF DEATH 5 August 641 Northumbria was formed by Æthelfrith (Æthelfrith of Northumbria) in central Great Britain in Anglo-Saxon times. At the beginning of the 7th century the two kingdoms of Bernicia and Deira were unified. (In the 12th century writings of Henry of Huntingdon the kingdom was defined as one

New Westminster

, V3M area_code 604 blank_name blank_info blank1_name blank1_info website City of New Westminster footnotes '''New Westminster''' is a historically important city in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada, and is a member municipality of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. It was founded as the capital of the Colony

address 302 Royal Ave lat long directions phone +1 604-527-4640 tollfree fax hours price content Open W-Su 11:30AM-4:30PM in the summer, weekends only 12:30PM-4:30PM in the winter. An old house preserved to show Victorian times and styles. A historical picture gallery and archives is also on-site. *

price content Moored on the river at Westminster Quay, 604-522-6894. Open daily from July 1 to Labour Day, Noon-5PM; open weekends from Noon-5PM in May, June and after Labour Day to mid-October. A steam-powered paddlewheeler that once operated on the Fraser River to keep it clear of logs and other debris. It is now a museum that shows what life was like on a riverboat. Admission by donation. *

Port Moody

elevation_footnotes tags-- elevation_m 40 elevation_ft postal_code_type Postal code span postal_code V3J to V3H (List of V Postal Codes of Canada) area_code +1-604 (Area code 604), +1-778 (Area code 778) blank_name blank_info blank1_name blank1_info website

in Rocky Point Park phone +1 604 469-2289 tollfree fax hours Generally open 11AM-8PM during summer, hours variable at other times of the year price $5-15 food & drink content Good fish and chips, very enjoyable on nice day if you are at Rocky Point. *

Italian cuisine. Visited by many celebrities, definitely the most notable of Port Moody's restaurants. * Drink


, Lassila (Riitta Liisa Lassila)) and Germany (Böhler (Stefanie Böhler), Sachenbacher (Evi Sachenbacher), Reschwam Schulze (Anke Reschwam Schulze), Künzel (Claudia Künzel)), respectively.604 610.html?sector CC&raceid 8085 (FIS-Ski Results) In the Men's 4×10 km relay the winners are German (Filbrich (Jens Filbrich), Angerer (Tobias Angerer), Sommerfeldt (René Sommerfeldt), Teichmann (Axel Teichmann)); the 2nd place goes to Italy's No.1 team

(Di Centa (Giorgio Di Centa), Valbusa (Fulvio Valbusa), Piller Cottrer (Pietro Piller Cottrer), Cristian Zorzi), and the 3rd team to finish is France (Perrillat (Cristophe Perrillat), Vittoz (Vincent Vittoz), Jonnier (Emmanual Jonnier), Chauvet (Benoit Chauvet)).604 610.html?sector CC&raceid 8084 (FIS-Ski Results) *Grey Cup: In Ottawa, The Toronto Argonauts, behind two rushing touchdowns by 41-year-old quarterback Damon Allen, defeat

.604 610.html?sector CC&raceid 8082 (FIS-Ski Results). In the Men (Cross-country skiing World Cup medalists#2004 05)'s 15 km race, Axel Teichmann (GER) wins, followed by René Sommerfeldt (GER) and Vassili Rotchev (Vasily Vasilyevich Rochev) (RUS).604 610.html?sector CC&raceid 8083 (FIS-Ski Results) *NBA (National Basketball Association): Commissioner David Stern suspends Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson

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