Northern Qi

the entity was in a state of dependency --- government_type Monarchy year_start 550 year_end 577 year_exile_start 577 year_exile_end 580 event_start date_start

date_event2 event3 date_event3 event4 date_event4 event_pre date_pre event_post Gao Shaoyi's capture by Northern Zhou date_post 27 July 580 ''Zizhi Tongjian'', vol. 174 (:zh:s:資治通鑑 卷174). !--- Flag navigation

Shaoyi , the Prince of Fanyang, under protection by Tujue, later declared himself the emperor of Northern Qi in exile, but was turned over by Tujue to Northern Zhou in 580 and exiled to modern Sichuan. It is a matter of controversy whether Gao Shaoyi should properly be considered a Northern Qi emperor, but in any case the year 577 is generally considered by historians as the ending date for Northern Qi. Emperors class "wikitable" - bgcolor "#CCCCCC"


Division Nanchang.png width 580

District '''Wanli'''

;'''Xinjian County'''

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, and his subordinates feared him. birth_date 580 birth_place Julu Commandery (Xingtai), Northern Zhou death_date 643 (aged 63) Background Wei Zheng was born in 580, shortly before the founding of Sui Dynasty in 581. His family was from Julu Commandery (鉅鹿, roughly modern Xingtai, Hebei). His father Wei Changxian (魏長賢) was a county magistrate during Northern Qi. Wei lost his father early in life and was poor, but had great expectations, not caring about making

wealth. At one point, he became a Taoist monk. He favored studying, and as he saw that the rule of Emperor Yang of Sui was beginning to make Sui fall into a state of confusion, he particularly paid attention to strategic works. DATE OF BIRTH 580 PLACE OF BIRTH Julu Commandery (Xingtai), Northern Zhou DATE OF DEATH 643 Sun Shao's son Sun Kai served as Militant General-in-Chief for Eastern Wu, one of the highest military appointments in the palace, sharing

Northern Zhou

Xuan's death in 580 (when he was already titularly retired emperor (''Taishang Huang''), Emperor Xuan's father-in-law Yang Jian (Emperor Wen of Sui) seized power, and in 581 seized the throne from Emperor Xuan's son Emperor Jing (Emperor Jing of Northern Zhou), establishing Sui. The imperial Yuwen clan, including the young Emperor Jing, was subsequently slaughtered by Yang Jian. Emperors of Northern Zhou class "wikitable" - bgcolor "#CCCCCC" ! Posthumous

Dacheng (大成 dà chéng) 579 - Jing Di (Emperor Jing of Northern Zhou) (靜帝 jìng dì) Yuwen Chan (宇文闡 yǔ wén chǎn) 579-581 In 580, after Emperor Xuan's death, the general Yuchi Jiong, believing that the regent Yang Jian (Emperor Wen of Sui) was about to seize the throne, rose against Yang and declared a son of Emperor Wu's brother Yuwen Zhao (宇文招) the Prince of Zhao, whose name is lost to history, emperor, but as Yuchi was soon defeated, and nothing further was known about

(559–580) '''Xuan (Emperor Xuan of Northern Zhou)''' (r. 578–579) Notes References * ''Book of Zhou''. * ''History of Northern Dynasties''. * '' Zizhi

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lat_degrees 44 lat_minutes 21 lat_seconds 6 lat_direction N long_degrees 103 long_minutes 45 long_seconds 45 long_direction W coord_display inline locmapin South Dakota built 1880 architecture Greek Revival (Greek Revival architecture), Hip cottage added December 31, 1974 area File:Roundhouse and other

for the Proposed Design of the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory" . - U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). In 1974, most of Lead was added to the National Register of Historic Places under the name of the "Lead Historic District". Over four hundred buildings and were included in the historic district (historic district (United States)), which has boundaries roughly equivalent to the city limits. ref name nris >

Rouleau, Saskatchewan

population_as_of 2011 population_note population_total 453 population_metro population_urban population_density_km2 282.2 population_density_sq_mi elevation_m 580 elevation_ft elevation_footnotes


was designed to carry approximately 580 passengers. In all, almost 2,000 passengers are believed to have been on board, including 185 people who boarded the ship from Carabane, an island where there was no formal port of entry or exit for passengers. The exact number of all passengers remains unknown but there were 1,034 travelers with tickets. The remaining number comes from people who did not hold tickets either because they were not required to (children aged less than 5) or because

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