Route de Rissani phone +212-661-42-59-27 tollfree fax hours price content Nice museum where you can also buy things. Ask for visiting the factory. Eat thumb 250px Restaurant Pizzeria des Dunes in Erfoud, Morocco (Image:Restaurant-des-Dunes-Erfoud-Morocco.jpg) *

lat long directions Way out of Erfoud - Ouarzazate's direction phone +212 535-576-179 tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content Kasbah Tizimi *

long directions Way out of Erfoud - Rissani's direction phone +212 535-576-425 tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content Hotel Salam *

Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Interstate 376 runs east to west from the eastern suburbs (Monroeville (Monroeville, Pennsylvania), Plum (Plum, Pennsylvania), Penn Hills) across the county to Pittsburgh International Airport and beyond *20px link alt (Image:Turnpike-576.svg) Pennsylvania Turnpike 576 (Pennsylvania Route 576) (future I-576) (Findlay Connector) Transportation Interstate 376, known as the "Parkway East" by native Pittsburghers, runs through Churchill. Westbound I-376 from

and Donohoe Road retail area, which is the biggest concentration of retailers and other commercial businesses between Monroeville (Monroeville, Pennsylvania) and Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania). 100px left (Image:I-576.svg) When the Southern Beltway is completed around Pittsburgh, it will be signed as '''Interstate 576'''. Interstate 576 will also apply to the northeastern branch of the Mon–Fayette Expressway that will extend to Monroeville (Monroeville, Pennsylvania).

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

pa_turnpike_commission.doc archivedate November 27, 2007 In addition to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the commission also operates the James E. Ross Highway, Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass (Pennsylvania Route 66), Mon Fayette Expressway (Pennsylvania Route 43) and Pittsburgh's Southern Beltway (Pennsylvania Route 576), the latter two of which are currently under construction.

Turnpike's Northeast Extension across eastern Pennsylvania, signed as Interstate 476. *44px (Image:I-376.svg) The James E. Ross Highway in western Pennsylvania, signed as Interstate 376. *35px (Image:Turnpike-66.svg) The Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass in western Pennsylvania, signed as Pennsylvania Route 66. *35px (Image:Turnpike-43.svg) The Mon Fayette Expressway in western Pennsylvania, signed as Pennsylvania Route 43. *45px (Image:Turnpike-576.svg) Image:I-576 (Future).svg 45px

The Southern Beltway in western Pennsylvania, signed as Pennsylvania Route 576. At some point in the future, the bypass is expected to be signed as Interstate 576. *35px (Image:I-80.svg) The Keystone Shortway across northern Pennsylvania, signed as Interstate 80 (Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania), has been leased to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania under Act 44 of 2007 for conversion to a future toll road. ref name "act44hist">

Northern Qi

son) briefly declared himself emperor around the new year 577 after the soldiers guarding the city of Jinyang (晉陽, in modern Taiyuan, Shanxi) demanded that he claim the title when Gao Wei abandoned Jinyang. Gao Yanzong, however, was almost immediately defeated and captured by Northern Zhou troops, and therefore is generally not considered a true Northern Qi emperor. Tiantong (天統 tiān tǒng) 565-569 Wuping (武平 wǔ píng) 570-576 Longhua (隆化 lóng huà) 576

; (?-578; r.576) Yi Gao Yin 高殷 (545-561) '''Fei (Emperor Fei of Northern Qi)''' (r. 559-560) Sy Gao Shaoyi 高紹義 (b. 546; r.578-580) Ho Gao Wei 高緯 (557–577) '''Houzhu (Gao Wei)''' (r. 565-577) Ya Gao Yan (Gao Yan (Northern Qi prince)) 高儼 (558–571)

, and columnar in shape. A jar has been found in a Northern Qi tomb, which was closed in 576 CE, and is considered as a precussor of the Tang Sancai style of ceramics.

Weirton, West Virginia

across. Therefore, it is the only city in the United States that borders two other states on two sides, and its own state on the other two sides. Weirton is across the Ohio River from Steubenville (Steubenville, Ohio), Ohio, and about 35 miles west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, along U.S. Route 22. Pittsburgh International Airport is less than 30 miles away. With the opening of the Findlay Connector (PA Turnpike 576, future I-576) in October, 2006, the highway distance

Ashburn, Ontario

around the world. Heritage Canada, Government of Canada Supports WindReach International Para-Dressage CPEDI3 Competition (May 28, 2010), accessed March 17, 2012; Equine Canada, "PKFHSPKFHS 576&lang en Canadian Riders Victorious at the WindReach International Para-Dressage Event," (May 28, 2010), accessed March 17, 2012


building overlooking the lake. Use of the wellness facilities at the Toplice is free of charge for guests of the Jadran. *

Bled phone +386 4 578 31 00 tollfree fax hours price Single: €79-98; Double Twin: €93-115 checkin checkout content 58 rooms and three suites. Free wi-fi. Popular for weddings and corporate outings. *

content Apartments available. Great bar downstairs. Accessible by disabled. * *

Post Falls, Idaho

Elementary * Post Falls Middle School * Immaculate Conception Academy * River City Middle School * Post Falls High School * New Visions Alternative High School * Riverbend Professional Technical Academy * Calvary Chapel Bible College Northwest * North Idaho College Workforce Training Center * St. Dominic School Demographics

Hearst, Ontario

, a northern spur route of the Trans-Canada extends eastward from Highway 11, following Ontario's Highway 66 (Highway 66 (Ontario)) ( ) into Montreal. Some communities have a francophone majority. These include Hearst (Hearst, Ontario), Kapuskasing

Puerto Cabezas

'') and ''Barbara J'' (code-name ''Barracuda''), sailing under Nicaraguan ensigns. The CEF ships were individually escorted (outside visual range) to ''Point Zulu'' by US Navy destroyers , plus helicopter

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