with a strong Jewish (Jews) presence. A small Druze community lived in Jish in the 17th century. The village was re-established in the 18th century AD by farmers from Mount Lebanon. In 1945, Jish had a population of 1,090 with an area of 12,602 dunams. It was largely depopulated during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, but was resettled by Maronite Christians, who were expelled from the razed villages Kafr Bir'im. Morris, 2004. p.508. ref

Elias Chacour author2 David Hazard title Blood Brothers url http: books.google.com books?id oWhULDEjbAsC accessdate 2 October 2011 year 2003 publisher Chosen Books isbn 978-0-8007-9321-0 page 57 Many of the residents of Jish forced to leave the village in 1948 fled to Lebanon and became Palestinian refugees. Christians from the nearby town of Kafr Bir'im resettled in Lebanon and Jish, Morris, 2004. p.508. ref name "

Classical Athens

conventional_long_name Athens common_name Athens continent Europe region Mediterranean country Greece era Classical antiquity government_type Direct democracy (Athenian democracy) year_start 508 BC year_end 322 BC event_start Cleisthenes establishes Athenian democracy

title_leader Strategos legislature Ecclesia (Ecclesia (ancient Athens)) stat_year1 5th century BC 1 stat_area1 stat_pop1 250000 (men with civil rights: 30,000) footnotes 1 BBC History The city of '''Athens''' during the classical period of Ancient Greece (508–322 BC) ''Democracy

and knowledge: innovation and learning in classical Athens'' by Josiah Ober508+322+BC+Classical+Athens#v onepage&q 508%20322%20BC%20Classical%20Athens&f false Page 40 ISBN 0-691-13347-6 (2008) was the major urban center of the notable polis (city-state) of the same name, located in Attica, Greece (Ancient Greece), leading the Delian League in the Peloponnesian War against Sparta

Blanc-Sablon, Quebec

2011 population_density_km2 4.5 population_blank1_title Pop  2006-2011 population_blank1 11.5% population_density_blank1_km2 population_blank2_title Dwellings population_blank2 508 population_note timezone AST (Atlantic Standard Time) utc_offset -4 timezone_DST utc_offset_DST !-- postal codes, area code --->

; Demographics Population


-align:right;" 4,621 style "text-align:right;" 19.1 style "text-align:right;" 9.4 style "text-align:right;" 9.7 - 1980 style "text-align:right;" 508 style "text-align:right;" 9,994 style "text-align:right;" 5,345 style "text-align:right;" 4,649 style "text-align:right;" 19.7 style "text-align:right;" 10.5 style "text-align:right;" 9.2 - 1985 style "text

; 7,324 style "text-align:right;" 60 style "text-align:right;" 13.9 style "text-align:right;" 13.8 style "text-align:right;" 0.1 style "text-align:right;" 1,60 - 2008 style "text-align:right;" 531 style "text-align:right;" 7,935 style "text-align:right;" 7,427 style "text-align:right;" 508 style "text-align:right;" 14.9 style "text-align:right;" 14.0

Orleans, Massachusetts

60 timezone Eastern (Eastern Standard Time Zone) utc_offset -5 timezone_DST Eastern (Eastern Standard Time Zone) utc_offset_DST -4 latd 41 latm 47 lats 23 latNS N longd 69 longm 59 longs 25 longEW W website postal_code_type ZIP code postal_code 02653 area_code 508 (Area code 508) 774 (Area code 774) blank_name


Hunwick 2000 p 508 The increasing trans-atlantic trade, which transported African slaves, including leaders and scholars of Timbuktu, marginalised Gao and Timbuktu's roles as trade and scholarly centers.

mode 1up isbn 90-04-11211-1 pages 508–510 ref harv . First published in 1999 as ISBN 90-04-11207-3. *

Ostrogothic Kingdom

the latter attacked the Visigoth dominions in Gaul in 506. The Franks were rapidly successful, killing Alaric in the Battle of Vouillé and subduing Aquitania by 507. However, starting in 508, Theoderic's generals campaigned in Gaul, and were successful in saving Septimania for the Visigoths, as well as extending Ostrogothic rule into southern Gaul (Provence) at the expense of the Burgundians. There in 510 Theoderic reestablished the defunct praetorian prefecture of Gaul. Now

by Anastasius in 508, which ravaged the coasts of Apulia. Bury (1923), Ch. XIII, p. 464 With the ascension of Justin I in 518, a more harmonious relationship seemed to be restored. Eutharic, Theoderic's son-in-law and designated successor, was appointed consul (Roman consul) for the year 519, while in 522, to celebrate the healing of the Acacian schism, Justin allowed both consuls to be appointed by Theoderic. Bury (1923), Ch. XVIII, pp. 152-153<

Vandals, Ostrogoths (Ostrogothic Kingdom), the Caliphate and Saracen pirates, Slavs, Bulgarians, Rus' (Rus' (people)), Normans, Genoa (Republic of Genoa), Venice (Republic of Venice), Pisa (Republic of Pisa), Crusader states, Seljuks (Sultanate of Rûm), Anatolian beyliks, Ottomans (Ottoman Navy) Sixth century – Justinian restores Roman control over the Mediterranean The 6th century marked the rebirth of Roman naval power. In 508


in the province are Zhangjiakou to the north, Langfang and Cangzhou to the east, and Shijiazhuang and Hengshui to the south. Baoding also borders Beijing Municipality to the northeast and Shanxi province to the west. thumb The coffin (Image:Tomb of Emperor Xuanwu of Northern Wei coffin.jpg) and resting place of Emperor Xuanwu at his tomb in Luoyang In fall 508, Xuanwu's younger brother Yuan Yu (元愉) the Prince of Jingzhao, who had just been demoted by Xuanwu

Barnstable, Massachusetts

population_density_sq_mi elevation_m 11 elevation_ft 37 timezone Eastern (Eastern Standard Time Zone) utc_offset -5 timezone_DST Eastern (Eastern Standard Time Zone) utc_offset_DST -4 coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_type region:US_type:city latd 41 latm 42 lats 00 latNS N longd 70 longm 18 longs 00 longEW W postal_code_type ZIP code postal_code 02601 area_code 508 (Area code 508) 774 (Area code 774) website

for the Omaha Storm Chasers of the Pacific Coast League. McDonough frequently appeared as "Captain Laser", inspiring young students to bring their studies to completion. From there, McDonough trained for a short time at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). image_map Ma towns area code 508 774.png city_name Plymouth (Plymouth, Massachusetts) Taunton (Taunton, Massachusetts) Worcester (Worcester, Massachusetts) Brockton

Saticoy, California

CDP publisher U.S. Census Bureau accessdate July 12, 2014 reported that Saticoy had a population of 1,029. The population density was 2,760.7 people per square mile (1,065.9 km²). The racial makeup of Saticoy was 413 (40.1%) White (White (U.S. Census)), 9 (0.9%) African American (African American (U.S. Census)), 29 (2.8%) Native American (Native American (U.S. Census)), 2 (0.2%) Asian (Asian (U.S. Census)), 0 (0.0%) Pacific Islander (Pacific Islander (U.S. Census)), 508

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