Homestead Air Reserve Base

. thumb Hurricane Damage to Homestead AAF, September 1945. (File:Homestead-hurricane-945.jpg) '''Homestead Air Reserve Base''' ('''ARB''') east-northeast of Homestead, Florida. The host unit at Homestead is the '''482d Fighter Wing''' ('''482 FW''') assigned to the Air Force Reserve Command's Tenth Air Force. The 482 FW is a fully combat-ready unit capable

by higher headquarters. The operational component of the 482 FW is the 93rd Fighter Squadron (93 FS), which flies the General Dynamics Block 30 F-16C D Fighting Falcon (F-16 Fighting Falcon). The squadron's aircraft can be identified by the letters "FM" (“Fighting Makos”) and the Mako shark (Shortfin mako shark) emblem displayed on the tail. The 482th Fighter Wing is part of the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) and Tenth Air Force (10 AF) and functions as the host wing

of Engineers – U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Miami Air Branch, whose aircraft conduct drug enforcement air interdiction missions from Homestead ARB During the Atlantic hurricane season, the 482th Fighter Wing routinely supports forward deployment of the Air Force Reserve's 403rd Wing (403 WG) from Keesler AFB, Mississippi, flying the WC-130 Hercules aircraft in the "Hurricane Hunters" weather reconnaissance mission. The 482 FW has also hosted joint relief

Southern Qi

Emperor Wu of Southern Qi leader3 Xiao Zhaoye leader4 Emperor Ming of Southern Qi leader5 Xiao Baojuan leader6 Emperor He of Southern Qi year_leader1 479-482 year_leader2 482-493 year_leader3 493-494 year_leader4 494-498 year_leader5 499-501 year_leader6 501-502 title_leader Emperor representative1 !--- Name of representative of head of state (eg. colonial governor

Dynasty . Sovereigns of Southern Qi Dynasty (479-502) class "wikitable" - bgcolor "#CCCCCC" ! Posthumous Name !! Family name (Chinese family name) and given name (Chinese name)s !! Period of Reigns !! Era name (Chinese era name)s and their according range of years - colspan "4" align "center" ''Convention: Qi + posthumous name'' - Emperor Gao of Southern Qi :(Gao Di 高帝 gāo dì) Xiao Daocheng (蕭道成 xiāo dào chēng 479-482

Jianyuan (建元 jiàn yuán) 479-482 - Emperor Wu of Southern Qi :(Wu Di 武帝 wǔ dì) Xiao Ze (蕭賾 xiāo zé) 482-493 Yongming (永明 yǒng míng) 483-493 - Prince of Yulin :(Yu Lin Wang 鬱林王 yù lín wáng) Xiao Zhaoye (蕭昭業 xiāo zhāo yè) 493-494 Longchang (隆昌 lóng chāng) 494 - Prince of Hailing :(Hai Ling Wang (海陵王 hài líng wáng) Xiao Zhaowen (蕭昭文 xiāo zhāo wén) 494 Yanxing (延興 yán xīng) 494 - Emperor Ming of Southern Qi - Ming Di :(明帝 míng dì) Xiao Luan (蕭鸞 xiāo luán) 494-498 Jianwu

Koumbi Saleh

The rooms were quite narrow, probably due to the absence of large trees to provide long rafters to support the ceilings. The main mosque was centrally placed on the avenue

the town suggesting that the site was occupied over an extended period. Radiocarbon dating of charcoal fragments from a house near the mosque have given dates that range between the late 9th and the 14th centuries. Mauny himself acknowledged

that this is an enormous population for a town in the Sahara with a very limited supply of water ("Chiffre énorme pour une ville saharienne"). The archaeological evidence suggests that Koumbi Saleh was a Muslim town with a strong Maghreb connection. No inscription has been found to unambiguously link the ruins with the Muslim capital of Ghana described by al-Bakri. Moreover, the ruins of the king's town of Al-Ghaba have not been found.


or Village (Leave blank for the default City)-- motto image_shield HUN Balatonfüred COA.jpg image_skyline Lake Balaton 482.JPG imagesize image_caption The Old Town in Balatonfüred image_flag flag_size image_seal seal_size shield_size image_blank_emblem blank_emblem_type

choose to get around on bikes, which is an excellent idea due to the abundance of high quality cycle paths. Also, roller-blading and of course skooters are hugely popular. Suggested walking tours thumb 200px The Old Town (File:Lake Balaton 482.JPG) No.1 walking tour: Start from Balaton shore-Tagore promenade: named after Nobel prize winner Hindu poet R.Tagore. He came for treatment in 1926 to the State Hospital for Heart Diseases. At the beginning of the pr. is the memorial tree

Zákonyi F. u. 2. lat 46.95262 long 17.89122 directions phone +36 87-482-593 hours price content *

Frisco, Texas

with the Evangelical Free Church of America." - Heather Hammontree, ''Insight for Living'', e-mail dated 1 07 04. - '''Texas Legends''' Frisco, Texas Dr Pepper Arena Dallas Mavericks - *20px (Image:Texas Spur 482.svg) '''Spur 482 (Texas State Highway Spur 482)''' ; Storey Lane; spur freeway connecting SH 183 114 to Loop 12 (Northwest Highway), passes by former site


the town core and at an altitude of 720 m. According to the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística (Spain)), El Raso had a population of 482 people in 2011. It was founded in 1934 as a town devoted to intensive goat farming on the southern slopes of the Gredos mountains (Sierra de Gredos). ref

;''' Coordenates ''' ! ''' Inhabitants ''' ! ''' Distance (km) ''' - align left Candeleda align center align right 482 align right 10,4 - align left *Scattered* align center - align right 247 align right - - bgcolor "#f0f0f0" colspan 4

Sumas, Washington

; ref 2013 Estimate thumb 200px Sumas border crossing (File:Border crossing at Sumas Washington.JPG) 2010 census At the 2010 census, there were 1,307 people, 482 households and 329 families

) Hispanic or Latino (Latino (U.S. Census)) of any race were 15.8% of the population. There were 482 households of which 39.8% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 49.6% were married couples (Marriage) living together, 11.6% had a female householder with no husband present, 7.1% had a male householder with no wife present, and 31.7% were non-families. 26.3% of all households were made up of individuals and 6.4% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older


include: '''No 1''': north from Addis Ababa 891 km via Dessie to Adigrat, from Dessie to Weldiya. Designated part of the Ndjamena-Djibouti (Ndjamena-Djibouti Highway) Trans-African Highway 6 (TAH 6) '''No 2''': east from Dessie 482 km to Aseb. Designated part of the Ndjamena-Djibouti TAH 6 Mobilization Following 5 December 1934 Italian invasion of Ethiopia at Walwal, Ogeden Province. Haile Selassie joined his northern

Bahir Dar

map.aspx?lats1 11.6&lons1 37.383333&alts1 14&regn1 2 MSN Map Bangalore, India '''No 2''': east from Dessie 482 km to Aseb. Designated part of the Ndjamena-Djibouti TAH 6 '''No 3


''': east from Dessie 482 km to Aseb. Designated part of the Ndjamena-Djibouti TAH 6 '''No 3''': north from Addis Ababa across the Blue Nile at Dejen and again at Bahir Dar east around Lake Tana 979 km via Gondar and Aksum to Adwa. Designated part of the Cairo-Cape Town (Cairo-Cape Town Highway) Trans-African Highway 4 (TAH 4) from Addis Ababa to Gondar, and part of TAH 6 from Wereta to Gondar '''No 4''': east from Addis

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