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; in the indigenous Nuu-chah-nulth (Nuu-chah-nulth language) (Nootka) language. Geography Ucluelet is located at the western edge of Barkley Sound, 288 kilometres northwest of the British Columbia provincial capital, Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia), on the outer west coast of Vancouver Island. The closest city is Port Alberni approximately 100 km to the east. The District of Tofino is 40 km northwest of Ucluelet on Highway 4. In between Tofino and Ucluelet

'' is now a moored hotel in Ucluelet. Ucluelet has an airport, Tofino Ucluelet Airport (Tofino Long Beach Airport), about twenty minutes drive from town. Long Beach Airport is accessible to small passenger planes and the harbour in Ucluelet, Ucluelet Water Aerodrome, is accessible to floatplanes. Coastal fog is a common morning phenomenon in the summer, complicating access by air until the weather clears. Accessing Ucluelet by car is via Highway 4 from Port Alberni. Snow chains or winter tires


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States Mexico Valencia (Valencia, Venezuela), Venezuela image 250px (File:MHV Ford KH Laser GL 1992-1995 01.jpg)1991–1994 Ford KH Laser GL hatchback. production 2007–present assembly Genk, Belgium Vsevolozhsk, Russia Chongqing, China Tao-Yuan (Taoyuan City), Taiwan (Republic of China) Rayong, Thailand body_style 4-door saloon

) engine 1.4L 1.6L 1.7L 1.8L 2.0L 2.2L 2.4L I4 (Straight-4) 4.0L 5.7L V8 - Rayong Rayong (Rayong Province) align right 58,470 November 7, 1999 The Royal Gazette, Vol. 116 No. 110ก, Pages 25-28 plus map. November 10, 1999. Retrieved on November 28, 2008. No Image - production 2008-present assembly Almussafes, Spain Nanjing, China Cologne, Germany


to play exceptionally well on the international circuit. He tied 1st–2nd at Hastings (Hastings International Chess Congress) 1954–55 with Smyslov on 7 9 (+6 2 −1). He dominated an internal Soviet training tournament at Pärnu 1955 with 9.5 10. Keres placed 2nd at the 1955 Göteborg Interzonal, behind David Bronstein, with 13.5 20. Keres defeated Wolfgang Unzicker in a 1956 exhibition match at Hamburg by 6–2 (+4 4 −0). He tied 2nd–3rd in the USSR Championship, Moscow

Tarakan City last Crowther first Mark date 2008-01-28 publisher London Chess Center accessdate 31 December 2009 In the 1965 Candidates' matches, he first defeated Borislav Ivkov at Bled by 5½–2½, but lost in the semi-final, also at Bled by 4½–5½ to former world champion Mikhail Tal. An indication of the quality of the match is given by the fact that it was tied after nine games and Tal had to win the tenth game with a complex speculative knight sacrifice in the center. He

won a playoff match for alternates, an eventual third-place Candidates' position, against Efim Geller by 5–4 at Copenhagen 1966. In 1967 he won the Sousse Interzonal with the score of 15.5 21 after Fischer withdrew; this placed him 1.5 points ahead of the field. He then won his first-round match against Lajos Portisch by 5½–4½ at Porec 1968. In Malmö, however, he lost the semi-final by 2½–5½ to Boris Spassky, who went on to win the title. Tito angered Stalin

North Nicosia

;in Cypriot Turkish: "Şeher" settlement_type City motto image_skyline North Nicosia collage.png imagesize 300px image_caption From top to bottom, left to right

and contiguous, and in the center of the neighborhood is a historic fountain. Still a residential area, the neighborhood is considered to be one of the best representations of the Cypriot culture. Further south, next to the Ledra Street checkpoint, is the Arasta area. The area

was pedestrianized in 2013 and is home to a network of historic shopping streets, reflecting an eastern shopping tradition with food and traditional items. The area is frequented by tourists.

Monastir, Tunisia

;sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 4&ved 0CCAQ6AEwAw#v onepage&q Nouvelair%20%22Zone%20Touristique%20Dkhila%22&f false 215 . Retrieved from Google Books on 1 July 2010. ISBN 1-85828-748-0, ISBN 978-1-85828-748-5. Notable people Tunisian ex-president Habib Bourguiba was born in Monastir, and his mausoleum is located in the city. International relations

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name "Channel 4" Channel 4 (1 January 2007). ''The Secret Life of Brian''. Following shooting between 16 September and 12 November 1978, a two-hour-long rough cut of the film was put together for its first private showing in January 1979. Over the next few months ''Life of Brian'' was re-edited and re-screened a number of times for different preview audiences before the final cut was complete, losing a number

Agros, Cyprus

subdivision_type2 Municipality subdivision_name2 subdivision_type3 subdivision_name3 leader_title Agros Mayor leader_name Michalis Constantinides leader_title1 Agros Community Council leader_name1

precipitation mm 53 Apr precipitation mm 24 May precipitation mm 15 Jun precipitation mm 4 Jul precipitation mm 6 Aug precipitation mm 3 Sep precipitation mm 3 Oct precipitation mm 23 Nov precipitation mm 62 Dec precipitation mm 81 year precipitation mm unit precipitation days !-- If entering the average number of days, then the unit requirement should be used, because this varies between countries. E.g. 0.1

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