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26.26419 directions 3km East phone +380 362 288720 tollfree fax hours price content * *

address Vul. Kikvidze, (вул. Кіквідзе,) 34 lat 50.62797 long 26.24185 directions Near to the train station. phone +380 362 225802, +380 362 223396, +380 362 224342 tollfree fax hours price content Only for Rivne Oblast destinations. Get around Public transport *


. It is located in a 19th century toll-house building, where the entry to the city used to be. * *

address) lat long directions phone +48 48 383 60 77 tollfree fax hours price content (Polish). Centre for contemporary art. Temporarily moved away from its location at ul. Kopernika 1 for the time of renovation. *

directions phone +48 48 362 72 15 tollfree fax hours price content (Polish). One of the most unique sights in Radom. Founded in 1468, it is one of the oldest Bernardine monasteries in the world. *


State Party Libya Type Cultural Criteria v ID 362 Region Arab States (List of World Heritage Sites in the Arab States) Year 1986 Session 10th Link http: whc.unesco.org en list 362 The old town, inscribed in 1986 as a UNESCO World Heritage site, was de-populated of its inhabitants throughout the 1990s, leaving the old buildings at risk of collapse due to a lack of maintenance. The World

(v) align "center" - Trip to Timbuktu Laing believed he had have found the source of the Niger and proposed to travel

Venice, Los Angeles

Beat date November 6, 2003 url http: www.lacitybeat.com article.php?id 362&IssueNum 22 format doi accessdate February 15, 2008 archiveurl http: web.archive.org web 20071224175403 http: www.lacitybeat.com article.php?id 362&IssueNum 22 archivedate December 24, 2007 Author John Brodie challenges the idea of gentrification causing change and commented "... the gunplay of the Shoreline Crips

Oakwood. Although still a primarily Latino and African-American neighborhood, the neighborhood is in flux. According to ''Los Angeles City Beat'', http: www.lacitybeat.com article.php?id 362&IssueNum 22 "In Venice, the transformation is... obvious. Homes are fetching sometimes more than $1 million, and homies are being displaced every day." In 2012, an article in the ''Los Angeles Times'' predicted that the wine shops, cafes, restaurants and other

Dauphin, Manitoba

to PTH 5 *PR 362 (Manitoba Provincial Road 362) - PTH 5 PTH 10 near Dauphin (Dauphin, Manitoba) to PR 267 near Sifton (Sifton, Manitoba) *PR 363 (Manitoba Provincial Road 363) - Saskatchewan boundary (continues as Saskatchewan Highway 5) to PTH 83 Personal life Bif Naked was born in New Delhi to teenaged parents attending private school. * She was subsequently adopted by American (United States) missionary

Brighton and Hove

% Arab. The 2011 census found the religious

composition to be 42.90% Christian, 42.42% nonreligious, 2.23% Muslim, 1.00% Buddhist, 0.98% Jewish.

date accessdate 14 January 2015 1.66% were adherents of some other religion, while 8.81% did not state their religion.

Liverpool, Nova Scotia

of New France in North America who used the harbour for fur trading. Place Names of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Archives, http: www.gov.ns.ca nsarm cap places page.asp?ID 362 Later Nicolas Denys, a pioneering 17th-century French explorer and trader of Nova Scotia, was granted land here by the leader of Acadia, Isaac de Razilly (c. 1632). Griffiths, E. From Migrant to Acadian. McGill-Queen's University Press. 2005. p.50 Following the Expulsion

Shannon (1806) HMS ''Shannon'' 's leading the captured American frigate USS ''Chesapeake'' (USS Chesapeake (1799)) into Halifax Harbour (1813). Many of the captives were imprisoned


in southwestern Guangdong province (province of China), People's Republic of China. Facing the South China Sea to the city's south, Maoming city neighbors Zhanjiang in the west and is from Zhanjiang. The Maoming Port is a Grade I port that handled 16.8 million tons of cargo in 2007. Refined oil and aquatic products are the major export products from the city. Major export destinations include Hong

Kong , Macau and ASEAN member nations. '''Maoming''' ( from Zhanjiang. The Maoming Port is a Grade I port that handled 16.8 million tons of cargo in 2007. Refined oil

Sais, Egypt

name. This dynasty lasted 6 years, from 404 BC to 398 BC. Biography Tefnakht erected two donation stelas in Years 36 and 38 of Shoshenq V as a Prince at Saïs. His Year 38 stela from Buto is significant not only because Tefnakht employs the rather boastful epithet of "Great Chief of the entire land" but due to its list of his religious titles as '''prophet of Neith, Edjo and the Lady of Imay'''. Kitchen, The Third Intermediate Period in Egypt, p.362<

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