fax hours price content Located within the fortress contains, among other things the '''Bocksten Man''', a mummified corpse from the 14th century. *

the restaurant "Majas vid Havet" Majas by the Sea which offers excellent food and wine. They're only open in July, and they put on concerts practically every night of the week. *

the ''kall'' prefix meaning cold) near the city center open all year round. *

Snezhnoye, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

was driven not by differing salaries, but by the differing lengths of delay in paying them. Gray (2003) p.340 Those who remain working for the sovkhoz find that there salaries are delayed much more regularly, and for longer periods than those who work for the local administration and ancillary services, causing foraging for berries and wild mushrooms to become a vital means for those employed

by the sovkhoz to acquire products with which they could barter for other essential supplies. Gray (2003) p.340-341 The situation was such that the need for foraging and poaching as a means of survival for the employees of the sovkhoz had grown to such a level that these formerly privatized enterprises were brought back under the wing of the municipal authorities. Gray (2001), p.13-14 The effects of the reduction in population and the collapse of the local

-indigenous people had left (a reduction of at least 60), though the data in this report appears to contradict other demographic sources. See Gray, all sources, for further information regarding the reduction in population in the last twenty years. The following year, the population was reported at 385, an overall increase of 80 people, of whom 340 were indigenous people, predominantly Chukchi


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on island in Lake Catemaco The municipality is located in the Los Tuxtlas mountain region in the south of Veracruz, a rugged area of recent volcanic origin. It is located in a valley between the San Martín Volcano and the Santa Marta mountain ranges, extending from Lake Catemaco to the Gulf of Mexico shore, with an average altitude of 340 meters above sea level. Most of the wild vegetation has

-unit crews took place in El Petén, Costa Rica in Great Britain. The film was originally slated for an August 4, 2006, release, but Touchstone Pictures delayed the release date to December 8, 2006, due to heavy rains and two hurricanes interfering with filming in Mexico. Principal photography ended in July 2006. Hydrology Laguna Catemaco was formed millennia ago, when lava flow from Volcano San Martin Tuxtla blocked its current northern end, and stands now at 340 m

Classical Athens

show the head of Artemis with bow and quiver, and feature a crescent with what appears to be a six-rayed star on the reverse. According to accounts which vary in some of the details, in 340 BC the Byzantines and their allies the Athenians (Classical Athens) were under siege by the troops of Philip of Macedon (Philip II of Macedon). On a particularly dark and wet night Philip attempted a surprise attack but was thwarted by the appearance of a bright light in the sky. This light

is occasionally described by subsequent interpreters as a meteor, sometimes as the moon, and some accounts also mention the barking of dogs. However, the original accounts mention only a light in the sky, without specifying the moon. "In 340 BC, however, the Byzantines, with the aid of the Athenians, withstood a siege successfully, an occurrence the more remarkable as they were attacked by the greatest general of the age, Philip of Macedon. In the course of this beleaguerment, it is related

of the trilogy is based upon West (2000) 340–42, though he does not agree with the traditional arrangement. Origins and organization When Cleisthenes reorganized the Athenian (Classical Athens) government in 508 7 BCE, he replaced the old Solonian boule (boule (ancient Greece)), or council, of 400 with a new boule of 500. The old boule consisted of 100 members of each of the four ancestral tribes. Cleisthenes created ten new tribes and made

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Scotia Malignant Cove *22px (Image:NSRoute340.PNG) Route 340 (Nova Scotia Route 340): Hebron (Hebron, Nova Scotia) - Deerfield (Deerfield, Nova Scotia) - Weaver Settlement (Weaver Settlement, Nova Scotia) - Carleton (Carleton, Nova Scotia) - Richfield (Richfield, Nova Scotia) - Pleasant Valley (Pleasant Valley, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia) - Forest Glen (Forest Glen, Nova Scotia) - Corberrie (Corberrie, Nova Scotia) - Weymouth (Weymouth, Nova Scotia) * Sunrise Trail

Murrieta, California

forms finance City%20of%20Murrieta%20CAFR%20for%20FYE%20June%2030th-2009_2.pdf the top non-military employers in the city are: class "wikitable sortable" border "1" - ! # ! Employer ! # of Employees - 1 Murrieta Valley Unified School District 1,900 - 2 Southwest Healthcare System (Universal Health Services) 1,500 - 3 Target (Target Corporation) 500 - 4 City of Murrieta 401 - 5 Wal-Mart 340 - 6 The Home Depot 295 - 7 Oak

oaks, and suburban sprawl in the San Gabriel Valley has eliminated the oaks from most of the northern part of the range. The largest remaining stands of Engelmann Oaks are on the Santa Rosa Plateau, near Murrieta (Murrieta, California) in Riverside County, and on Black Mountain (Black Mountain, San Diego County, California) near Ramona (Ramona, California) in San Diego County. File:Area_code_951.svg right thumb 340 px Map of California area codes in blue (and border states


: erbil-info weather publisher Erbilia accessdate 14 July 2013 Main sights Citadel of Erbil The Citadel of Arbil is a tell or occupied mound in the historical heart of Erbil, rising between . It has been claimed that the site is the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world.<

Rift Valley Province

, the second president of Kenya (1978&ndash;2002) was from the Tugen branch. The Tugen people speak the Tugen language. Background Hemingway went on safari to Africa in 1933 with his second wife Pauline (Pauline Pfeiffer) and always intended to return. That visit inspired Hemingway's "Snows of Kilimanjaro" published in ''The Green Hills of Africa'', well-known parts of the Hemingway canon. Two decades


are relatively constant throughout the year, with an average of 26 degrees Celsius.

Gainsborough, Saskatchewan

, was located adjacent to Gainsborough (Gainsborough, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan, Canada.

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