url http: email address La Parra Restaurant, Burriana Beach, Nerja, 29780 lat long directions phone +34 95 252 3127 tollfree fax hours Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays price content Made famous on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. On Monday nights adults can learn how to cook a great meal and then get to eat it and kids can have fun learning how to cook on Saturdays and Wednesdays. *

: email address Life Aventure SL, Calle Antonio Ferrandiz, no39 2-2, Nerja, 29780 lat long directions phone +34 677 894 002 tollfree fax hours price content A great way of exploring the Sierra Almijara discovering the flora and fauna and natural habitat. There is a shop amongst the shops facing the Burriana beach which has diving gear and tanks for hire and does courses on PADI diving. There are a number of internet cafes

Urbanisations) a good distance from the centre of town and Tuesdays at Chaparil. There is a Thursday fleamarket at the Boatyard. As well as a wide assortment of small shops around town selling all sorts of items (do shop around), there are several Chinese bazaars which sell a huge selection of items fairly cheaply. *


email address lat long directions phone +66 34 631443 tollfree fax +66 34 589094 hours price content * *

+66 34 514792-5 tollfree fax +66 34 515830 hours price content * *

, Nong Bua lat long directions phone +66 35 633356 (Thai), +66 81 6999052 (English) tollfree fax hours price content Tour *


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Kampala%20()&toplace Tororo%20(Tororo)&fromlat 0.3155556&tolat 0.6847222&fromlng 32.5655556&tolng 34.1811111 title Road Distance Between Kampala And Tororo With Map accessdate 10 May 2014 publisher The coordinates of the town are:0°41'34.0"N, 34°10'54.0"E (Latitude:0.692780; Longitude:34.181655).

of Downtown Tororo File:Uganda Tororo Rock.jpg Tororo Rock Photo Statistics * Elevation 1185m See also * Railway stations in Uganda * Transport in Uganda * Tororo District * Eastern Region, Uganda References * MSN Map

Safi, Morocco

1942, he joined the battleship as Senior Aviator. In this position, Walker spotted shore bombardment during the North African invasion at Safi, French Morocco (Safi, Morocco) and Casablanca and later participated in anti-submarine flights over convoys. He was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal "for his performance of duty on November 8, 1942, during the bombardment of Safi, French Morocco. Despite heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire he kept his ship supplied

–1943 Putting to sea from Cove Point, Maryland, on 23 October 1942, ''Dorothea L. Dix'' sailed with Task Force 34 (TF 34) to land Army troops and supply scout boats in the assault at Safi (Safi, Morocco), French Morocco, from 8 to 12 November, during "Operation Torch". She returned to Norfolk (Norfolk, Virginia) on 24 November. Between 12 December 1942 and 5 April 1943 she made two more transatlantic voyages to Oran, Algeria, carrying Army troops

at Safi. In October ''Mervine'' left the gulf and steamed to Norfolk (Norfolk Naval Shipyard) where she Joined Task Force 34 (TF 34) and sailed east. Toward midnight on 7 November she arrived off Safi (Safi, Morocco), Morocco, and took up her station for Operation TORCH the invasion of North Africa. During the landings on the 8th, she acted as control vessel and provided fire support for the assault forces on Red Beach, north of Safi. She remained on patrol in the area


sea temperature is . ref name weather2travel

. The tarifs are on display in the taxi in Valencian, Spanish and English but are difficult to see. The same journey back from Calle de La Paz to the airport half the price! These fees are accurate as of January 2015. Check for taxi rank location at Valencia airport. Pre-book a taxi by calling to a radio taxi company: Taxco: +34 902 024 972 Radio Taxi Manises: +34 961 521 155 Radio Taxi Valencia

: +34963 703 333 Taxis de Valencia: +34 961 119 977 Taxi Valencia: +34 644 015 655 or book online at BookTaxiValencia website Valencia is served by Iberia, Spanair, Lufthansa, AirFrance, AirBerlin, TuiFly, Ryanair, Transavia, Vueling, SWISS, and several other airlines. By train thumb ''Estació de València Nord'' (File:València, Estació del Nord-PM 52043.jpg) Valencia is, since December 2010, connected with Madrid by high-speed trains, that run over

Saticoy, California

within the state of California latd 34 latm 16 lats 57 latNS N longd 119 longm 8 longs 56 longEW W coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_region US-CA subdivision_type Country (List of sovereign states) subdivision_name subdivision_type2 List of counties in California County

Springville , and Timberville (Conejo Valley). R. G. Surdam was listed on the 1880 census (1880 United States Census) for Saticoy with the occupation of real estate agent. 1880 Ventura Co., CA, U.S. Federal Census, Saticoy Township, June 8 & 9, Sheet 3, Page 239 A, enumerated in household of Lines 28 & 29, Edward & Elizabeth Williams, Line 34, Royce Surdam, White, Male, 45, Boarder, Single, Real Estate Agt., NY, NY sic , NY sic . He is known

, California Lompoc , Ojai (Ojai, California), Pismo Beach, Point Mugu (Point Mugu, California), Piru (Piru, California), Lake Castaic, Saticoy (Saticoy, California), and Simi Valley (Simi Valley, California). Centre Camarillo North Saticoy (Saticoy, California) Santa Paula (Santa Paula, California) ''SR 34 (California State Route 34), SR 118 (California State Route 118)'' Northeast Somis


http: what-to-do-and-see beaches guadalmina-beach-p21671 email address Marbella Málaga 29670 lat long directions phone +34 952 12 62 79 tollfree fax hours price content The beach has exceptional surroundings including the third-century AD Roman ruins known as Las Bóvedas located within a protected archaeological site. This beach has been blueflagged since 1992. *

of entertainment including bars, music and restaurants. * '''Ski''' - Marbella is the perfect base to visit the famous Spanish Ski resort of Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada (Spain)) (1.5 hours away by car) *

hours of courses a day. All courses including beginner courses are taught entirely in Spanish. Buy Shopping Centres: * * '''Marina Banús''' - C Ramon Areces, Centro, (opposite El Corte Inglés). Puerto Banús * '''La Cañada''' is a Shopping mall with about 150 shops with many European name


the possibility that the Tyanean actually did visit India. Graham Anderson: ''Philostratus'', London 1986, pp. 199–215; Flinterman pp. 86–87, 101–106. Returning south, Romanos rejoined the main army and they continued their advance through the passes of Mount Taurus to the north of Germanicia and proceeded to invade the Emirate of Aleppo. Finlay, pg. 34 Romanos captured Hierapolis (Manbij) which he fortified

to provide protection against further incursions into the south-eastern provinces of the empire. Norwich, pg. 345 He then engaged in further fighting against the Saracens of Aleppo but neither side managed a decisive victory. Finlay, pg. 34 With the campaigning season reaching its end, Romanos returned north via Alexandretta and the Cilician Gates to Podandos. Here he

was advised of another Seljuk raid into Asia Minor which saw them sack Amorium, but they had returned to their base so fast that Romanos was in no position to give chase, and he eventually reached Constantinople by January 1069. Finlay, pg. 34 The association of the fish and dove is found at Hierapolis Bambyce (Manbij) (Mabbog), the great temple at which, according to one legend, was founded by Semiramis, Lucian, ''De

Newtown, Connecticut

of New York City and Stamford (Stamford, Connecticut). Monroe's neighbors are Easton (Easton, Connecticut), Newtown (Newtown, Connecticut), Oxford (Oxford, Connecticut), Shelton (Shelton, Connecticut), and Trumbull (Trumbull, Connecticut). The New York Times profiled Monroe in a March 2001 article called "If You're Thinking of Living In Monroe, Conn.; Fairfield County Life, at a Slower Pace." Connecticut Route 34 runs through the northern (Stevenson) section

recreation outlets for the surrounding towns. thumb Stevenson Dam, which blocks the Housatonic River to form Lake Zoar, and that also functions as the State Route 34 bridge across the river (File:Stevenson Dam Lake Zoar.jpg) '''Route 34''' is a primary state highway in the U.S. state of Connecticut. Route 34 is long, and extends from Washington Street near I-84 (Interstate 84 in Connecticut) US 6 (U.S. Route 6 in Connecticut) in Newtown, Connecticut Newtown

to the junction of I-95 (Interstate 95 in Connecticut) and I-91 (Interstate 91 in Connecticut) in New Haven (New Haven, Connecticut). The highways connects the New Haven and Danbury areas via the Lower Naugatuck River Valley. The portion of the route between New Haven and Derby (Derby, Connecticut) was an early toll road known as the '''Derby Turnpike'''. Route description Route 34 begins as the two-lane ''Berkshire Road'' in the Sandy Hook (Sandy Hook, Connecticut) section

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