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, considered more easily defensible. However, the withdrawal caused a panic, and all Han Zhao generals abandoned their positions and fled to Qin Province as well, easily yielding most of remaining Han Zhao territory to Later Zhao. In 328, however, Han Zhao fought back, and forces under Liu Yao's personal command defeated Shi Hu's forces and surrounded Luoyang. Shi Le personally led his force to aid Luoyang, engaging Liu Yao in battle and capturing him. He initially treated Liu Yao with some respect

and ordered Liu Yao to order his crown prince Liu Xi to surrender, but when Liu Yao refused, Shi executed him. Liu Xi, in fear of Later Zhao forces, abandoned the Han Zhao capital Chang'an and retreated to Shanggui (上邽, in modern Tianshui, Gansu) with his brother Liu Yin (Liu Yin (Han Zhao)). In fall 328, Liu Yin tried to lead Han Zhao forces to recapture Chang'an, but Shi Hu defeated him, and subsequently marched on Shanggui, capturing it and killing Liu Xi, Liu Yin, and the other

Han Zhao nobles, ending Han Zhao. The former Han Zhao territory became Later Zhao possessions. * 328 - Shi Hu attacked Han Zhao, but was defeated by Liu Yao, who then attacked Luoyang. Shi Le had to personally relieve Luoyang, capturing Liu Yao in battle in early 329. * 329 - After Liu Yao was captured, the Han Zhao crown prince Liu Xi and his brother Liu Yin (Liu Yin (Han Zhao)) abandoned the Han Zhao capital Chang'an and fled to Shanggui (上邽, in modern Tianshui

Waiapu Valley

network . The western border of the valley is the Raukūmara Range, and has a relief (Terrain) ranging from 500 to 1,500 m (1,640–4,921 ft). Moving east, the middle and lower parts of the valley are hilly, with a relief of 100–500 m (328–1,640 ft), and the eastern side is made of lower sets of terraces (Terrace (geology)) and floodplains just above sea level. File:Hikurangi, East Coast, New Zealand, 14th. Dec. 2010

Koumbi Saleh

is available online:


of Taoudenni is by al-Sadi in his ''Tarikh al-Sudan'' who wrote that in 1586 when Moroccan forces attacked the salt mining center of Taghaza (150 km north west of Taoudenni) some of the miners moved to 'Tawdani'. At the time the only building was the Ksar de Smida which had

Al Karak

, who in turn had replaced the once dominant ''El 'Ahmer''. Dowling, Rev. Theodore E. (Theodore Edward Dowling) ''PEF Quarterly Report'' (1896) Pages 328, 329. Records the Mujely being "unreasonable in there treatment" of visitors in 1817 (Irby and Mangles), 1851 (De Saulcy), 1872 (Canon Tristram) and 1893 (Mr and Mrs Gray Hill). The Ghassanid tribe is believed to be the first to inhabit the site of modern al-Karak. The tribe consists

Blanc-Sablon, Quebec

the entrance of the Strait of Belle Isle. Two significant bays, Brador and Blanc-Sablon, mark its shores and the headland that separates these bays are dominated by Mont Parent, a 100 metre (328 ft) high flat-topped hill named after Martin Parent, a local fisherman in the middle of the 19th century.

Downtown Jacksonville

; 28 Aetna Building 1954 841 Prudential Drive style "text-align:right;" 22


. Goliath crane thumb 250px Goliath crane, January 2008 (File:Goliath fore river 20080105.JPG)An important facility at the shipyard was the "Goliath" crane, at one point the second largest shipbuilding crane in the world. Constructed in 1975 for building LNG tankers, the crane was a prominent part of the harbor skyline for over thirty years. In early 2008, the tall crane located at the former shipyard was sold to Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries


government_footnotes 328 language da-DK Default.aspx Qeqqata Municipality leader_title Mayor leader_name Albrecht Kreutzmann established_title Founded established_date 1941 population_as_of 2013 population_total 512 Statistics Greenland,

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