Daly City, California

, 35 (California State Route 35) and 82 (California State Route 82), and Interstate 280 (Interstate 280 (California)). Interstate 280, which bisects Daly City, is a primary transportation corridor linking San Francisco with San Mateo (San Mateo County, California) and Santa Clara (Santa Clara County, California) counties. The U.S. Census Bureau has identified Daly City as among the cities with the highest transit ridership (List of U.S. cities with high transit ridership). Public

, California San Mateo County Southwest When Interstate 280 (Interstate 280 (California)) was built in stages from Daly City (Daly City, California) to San Jose (San Jose, California) in the 1960s, it was named the Junipero Serra Freeway. Along the freeway in Hillsborough, California, is a statue of Serra. It stands on a hill on the northbound side and has a large pointing finger facing the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific. Northern segment The northern

of the 1992–93 season. -- near Fort Bragg (Fort Bragg, California) direction_b North Image:California State Route 1 in Marin County.jpg

Eastern Wu

continent Asia region Pacific country China era Three Kingdoms status Empire government_type Monarchy event_start date_start year_start 229 event_end Conquest of Wu by Jin date_end year_end 280 p1 Eastern Han dynasty s1

Western Jin dynasty image_map China 5.jpg image_map_alt image_map_caption The territories of Eastern Wu (in green), 262. capital * Wuchang (Ezhou) (222–229, 265–266) * Jianye (Nanjing) (229–265, 266–280) latd latm latNS longd longm longEW common_languages Chinese (Old Chinese) religion Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religion currency Chinese coin, Chinese cash (Cash (Chinese coin)) leader1 Sun Quan leader2 Sun Liang

leader3 Sun Xiu (Sun Xiu (emperor)) leader4 Sun Hao year_leader1 229–252 year_leader2 252–258 year_leader3 258–264 year_leader4 264–280 title_leader Emperor (Emperor of China) stat_year1 238 Zou Jiwan ( , (1992). stat_area1 !-- area in square kilometres (w o commas or spaces), area

Roseville, Minnesota

parallel crosses the city; a marker at the northeast corner of the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Loren Road identifies the location. 45th parallel monument Interstate Highway 35W (Interstate 35W (Minnesota)) and Minnesota Highways 36 (Minnesota State Highway 36), 51 (Minnesota State Highway 51) (Snelling Avenue), and 280 (Minnesota State Highway 280) are the four main routes in Roseville. Demographics

in Richfield (Richfield, Minnesota) , Minneapolis in Mounds View (Mounds View, Minnesota) direction_b North I-35W completes its eastern loop around downtown, crosses the Mississippi River on the new I-35W Saint Anthony

, Lauderdale (Lauderdale, Minnesota), Little Canada (Little Canada, Minnesota), Maplewood (Maplewood, Minnesota), and Shoreview (Shoreview, Minnesota), Minnesota. RAHS is the only traditional public high school in Roseville Area School District 623 (Roseville Area Schools). Route description Highway 280 serves as a north–south route along the western edge of Ramsey County (Ramsey County, Minnesota), between the city of Saint Paul (Saint Paul, Minnesota) and suburban Roseville

Rock Island, Illinois

timezone_DST CDT (North American Central Time Zone) utc_offset_DST -5 coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_type region:US_type:city latd 41 latm 29 lats 21 latNS N longd 90 longm 34 longs 23 longEW W blank3_name Interstate Spur (List of auxiliary Interstate Highways)s blank3_info I-280 (Interstate 280 (Iowa-Illinois)) elevation_m elevation_ft website http: www.rigov.org

the car lanes. There are only two bridges in the world with this feature. Three other bridges span the river between Rock Island and Davenport. The Crescent Rail Bridge is a railroad-only bridge, completed in 1899. The Centennial Bridge (Rock Island Centennial Bridge) was completed in 1940 for autos only. The newest bridge is the Interstate 280 bridge (I-280 Bridge), completed in 1973. Lock and Dam No. 15, completed in 1934 as a federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) project

WHBF (CBS) is located in Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) and WQAD (WQAD-TV) (ABC (American Broadcasting Company)) is in Moline (Moline, Illinois). right thumb alt An arch bridge with five arches sits over a river The Rock Island Centennial Bridge (File:Rockiscentbridge.jpg) connects Downtown Davenport with Downtown Rock Island, Illinois Three interstate highways serve Davenport: Interstate 80, Interstate 280 (Interstate 280 (Illinois-Iowa)), and Interstate

Shu Han

1,082,000 footnotes today '''Shu''' or '''Shu Han''' (221–263) was one of the three major states that competed for supremacy over China in the Three Kingdoms period (220–280). The state was based in the area around present-day Sichuan and Chongqing, which was historically known as "Shu" after an earlier state in Sichuan named Shu (state) Shu

families. Although the Three Kingdoms were reunified by the Jin Dynasty (Jin Dynasty (265-420)) in 280, this structure was essentially the same until the Wu Hu uprising. * Felicissimus, Roman financial minister (''rationalis'') * Liu Shan, last Emperor of the Kingdom of Shu (Shu Han) (b. 207) * Pei Xiu, minister and cartographer (cartography) of the Kingdom of Wei (Cao Wei) (b. 224) * Sun Ce, elder brother of founder of the Wu Kingdom, Sun Quan (d

. This war weakened the Jin Dynasty, and it soon fell to the kingdom of Han Zhao. This ushered in the Sixteen Kingdoms. thumb left Technical illustration (File:Aeronautics2.jpg) from 1818 showing early balloon designs Unmanned hot air balloons are popular in Chinese history. Zhuge Liang of the Shu Han kingdom, in the Three Kingdoms era (220–280 AD) used airborne lanterns for military signaling. These lanterns are known as Kongming lanterns (孔明灯).


War II ''), but, according to some sources, he was also a representative in Romania for the Reich (Nazi Germany)-based chemical (Chemical industry) and pharmaceutical company Merck Darmstadt (Merck KGaA). Cioroianu, p.280 In November 1944, after the August 23 Coup (King Michael Coup) that brought peace between Romania and the Allies (Allies of World War II), he became President of the Romanian Society for Friendship

with the Soviet Union Romanian Association for Strengthening the Ties with the Soviet Union (which had been founded at his villa in Sinaia). He was a deputy (Chamber of Deputies of Romania) in Parliament (Parliament of Romania) (known as the Assembly of Deputies) and the Great National Assembly between 1946 and 1961. thumb right Presidium of the People's Republic of Romania (File:Prezidiul RPR.jpg) * Rothenburg ob der

Gila Bend, Arizona

publisher Cable News Network, Inc date url http: www.cnn.com US 9510 amtrak format doi accessdate 2006-12-06 In 2010 Abengoa Solar secured a $1.45 BUSD loan guarantee to build a large 280 megawatt Concentrated Solar Power Plant in Gila Bend. It is estimated that the project will employ a peak of 1,500 workers with an operational permanent employment of approximately 85 workers. The Solana Generating Station is scheduled to start

Generating Station is a 280 MW solar power plant which is under construction near Gila Bend (Gila Bend, Arizona), Arizona, about northwest of Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada).

West Kelowna

details page.cfm?Lang E&Geo1 CSD&Code1 5915025&Geo2 PR&Code2 59&Data Count&SearchText Burnaby&SearchType Begins&SearchPR 01&B1 Visible%20minority&Custom title Community Profiles from the 2006 Census, Statistics Canada - Census Subdivision publisher 2.statcan.gc.ca date 2010-12-06 accessdate 2013-04-13 Chinese (Chinese Canadian) 155 - South Asian 280

280 28850 1 - Black (Black Canadians) 95 - Korean Canadian Korean

Richfield, Minnesota

Education Richfield has public schools (Public school (government funded)), private schools, alternative education programs, and post-secondary options. rSchooltoday Public schools The school district, Independent School District 280, serves about 4,200 students in Richfield and part of Edina (Edina, Minnesota) in grades K-12. Richfield schools are divided into elementary

in Richfield (Richfield, Minnesota) , Minneapolis in Burnsville (Burnsville, Minnesota) junction

in Bloomington (Bloomington, Minnesota) , Richfield (Richfield, Minnesota) in Mounds View (Mounds View, Minnesota) direction_b

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