Tupelo, Mississippi

Triangle, consisting of Columbus, West Point and Starkville, in the counties of Lowndes, Clay and Oktibbeha. right thumb 285px '''Pontotoc, Mississippi''' (lower left) is west of Tupelo, Mississippi Tupelo (Image:USA Mississippi Tupelo area NPS map.jpg) (via Highway 278) and south of New Albany (New Albany, MS). '''Pontotoc''' is a city in Pontotoc County

a song composed by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Cave was granted permission to alter the lyrics. Cave's lyrics include references to his friends, such as photographer Polly Borland. '''U.S. Route 278''' is a parallel route of U.S. Route 78. It currently runs for 1,074 miles (1,728 km) from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to Wickes, Arkansas at U.S. Route 71 U.S. Route 59. It is longer than its parent highway, US Hwy-78. US Hwy-278 passes through

; Monticello (Monticello, Arkansas), and Hope, Arkansas. Mississippi US 82 and US 278 go through Greenville (Greenville, Mississippi) to Leland (Leland, Mississippi), where US 278 separates from US 82 at U.S. Route 61. US 278 then joins US 61 northward through Cleveland (Cleveland, Mississippi) before splitting in Clarksdale (Clarksdale, Mississippi). East of Clarksdale, it overlaps Mississippi Highway 6 through Batesville (Batesville, Mississippi), Oxford


based beverages, as well as purified water. * *

lat long directions A few doors down from El Tico phone 278-22-555 fax hours Daily, 10:00-20:00 price content One of the most famous ice cream shops in all of Jinotega. It is safe and filled with various flavors of ice cream. They have shakes, cones, sundaes, and more. The prices are affordable. *

fax hours price content They have a large variety of cakes and beverages, like tres leches, selve negra, cappuccini, and frappuccini, and purified water. The atmosphere is very relaxed, with small cafe tables and couches to lounge on. *

Sunset Park, Brooklyn

street. The cross streets are mostly industrial between 1st and 3rd Avenues but are mostly residential east of 3rd Avenue. Transportation Sunset Park is served by road and rail services. The neighborhood has access to three limited-access highways; the I-278 (Interstate 278) (Gowanus) and NY 27 (New York State Route 27) (Prospect) Expressways as well as the Belt Parkway. Five New York City Bus bus lines serve Sunset Park: . Three subway

crossings over the canal, located at Union Street, Carroll Street (a landmark (List of New York City Designated Landmarks in Brooklyn)), Third Street, Ninth Street, and Hamilton Avenue. The Gowanus Expressway (Interstate 278) and the IND Culver Line of the New York City Subway, the only above-ground section of the original Independent Subway System, pass over the canal. thumb 250px right Brooklyn Chinatown (File:Brooklynchinatown.JPG) By 1988, 90

Abu Dis

Augusta, Georgia

Road to South Carolina state line) * *

Savannah proved too much for the local settlers to overcome. Many left the immediate area, moving elsewhere in the Lowcountry region (including a new hamlet called Switzerland (Switzerland, South Carolina)) or upriver to the new communities of Augusta (Augusta, Georgia) and Hamburg (Hamburg, South Carolina), though some remained. 25px (Image:US 278.svg) '''U.S. Highway 278 (U.S. Route 278)''', also known as ''Independence Bouleveard'', is a heavily traveled thoroughfare connecting

Hardeeville and Interstate 95 with Bluffton and Hilton Head Island. As mentioned above, most of the city's major large-scale developments are occurring along this corridor. U.S. 278 is exit 8 off I-95. Heading north, the route runs concurrent with U.S. 17 until Ridgeland (Ridgeland, South Carolina), before veering west towards Augusta (Augusta, Georgia) and Atlanta. The town of York was originally known as Fergus’s Crossroads for a tavern, owned by two brothers, William and John


''Mughal'' (or ''Mongol'') school of architecture. Timurid architecture started with the sanctuary of Ahmed Yasawi (Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi) in present-day Kazakhstan and culminated in Timur's mausoleum Gur-e Amir in Samarkand. Timur's Gur-I Mir, the 14th-century mausoleum of the conqueror is covered with ‘’turquoise Persian tiles’’ John Julius Norwich, Great Architecture of the World, Da Capo Press, 2001. pg 278.<

; ref Nearby, in the center of the ancient town, a ''Persian style Madrassa (religious school)'' and a ''Persian style Mosque'' by Ulugh Beg is observed. The mausoleum of Timurid princes, with their turquoise and blue-tiled domes remain among the most refined and exquisite ''Persian architecture''. Hugh Kennedy, "The Great Arab Conquests: How the Spread

sanctuary of Ahmed Yasawi in present-day Kazakhstan and culminated in Timur's mausoleum Gur-e Amir in Samarkand. Timur's Gur-I Mir, the 14th-century mausoleum of the conqueror is covered with ‘’turquoise Persian tiles’’ John Julius Norwich, Great Architecture of the World, Da Capo Press, 2001. pg 278. Nearby, in the center of the ancient town, a ''Persian style Madrassa (religious school)'' ref name "John

Staten Island

cut along I-278 in Staten Island by Todt Hill marked on USGS geological map. During the Paleozoic Era, the tectonic plate containing the continent of Laurentia and the plate containing the continent of Gondwanaland were converging, the Iapetus ocean that separated the two continents gradually closed and the resulting collision between the plates formed the Appalachian Mountains. During the early stages of this mountain building known as the Taconic orogeny

; The vast majority of the borough's African American and Hispanic (Hispanic and Latino Americans) residents live north of the Staten Island Expressway, or Interstate 278. In terms of religion, the population is largely Roman Catholic. There is a growing presence of Egyptian (Egyptians) Copts, the vast majority of whom are members of the Coptic Orthodox Church (Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria).

vehicular bridges and one railroad bridge. The Outerbridge Crossing to Perth Amboy, New Jersey is at the southern end of Route 440 and the Bayonne Bridge to Bayonne, New Jersey is at the northern end of Route 440, which continues into Jersey City, New Jersey. From the New Jersey Turnpike, the Goethals Bridge using I-278 connects to the Staten Island Expressway. The Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Railroad Bridge (Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge) carries freight between

Midtown Atlanta

. Highway 78 78 and 278 (U.S. Highway 278), and Ponce de Leon Avenue from Decatur to North Avenue (North Avenue (Atlanta)) in Midtown (Midtown Atlanta) and turning South on Northside Dr. to the intersection with Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy. A much older alignment veered off of Lawrenceville Hwy. after entering into Decatur (Decatur, Georgia), onto Church Street and following it until it intersected College Ave. The route then headed West and following DeKalb Ave. into Atlanta

, Georgia Atlanta . Entering in Atlanta at Moreland Ave. (Moreland_Avenue) where its name changes to Decatur St. (Decatur_Street_(Atlanta)) the route continued to the intersection with Peachtree St. (Peachtree_Street), where the route changes name Marietta St. Following Marietta St. after crossing US Hwy 78 278 29, it veered off to the West where a bridge (now closed but still standing) carried the highway over Southern Railway tracks to the intersection of U.S._Route_41 Northside Dr

Saticoy, California

222 families (family (U.S. Census)) (84.7% of all households); the average family size was 4.08. The population was spread out with 331 people (32.2%) under the age of 18, 133 people (12.9%) aged 18 to 24, 297 people (28.9%) aged 25 to 44, 177 people (17.2%) aged 45 to 64, and 91 people (8.8%) who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 28.0 years. For every 100 females there were 109.1 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 106.5 males. There were 278 housing

Perm Krai

*PGR: -0.48% per Year ;Vital statistics for 2012 *Births: 38 847 (14.8 per 1000) *Deaths: 37 278 (14.2 per 1000) http: www.gks.ru free_doc 2012 demo edn12-12.htm *Total fertility rate: 1.91 Death rates in some of the remote and rural areas in Perm Krai are very high, never seen before during times other than major wars or natural calamities. Just five districts out of a total of 47 have a surplus of births over death in Perm Krai. The birth rate in Perm Krai is much

%''' ---- Bolshesosnovsky 14,292 219 268 15.32 18.75 -0.34% ---- Vereshchagynsky 43,410 710 744 16.36 17.14 -0.08% ---- Gornozavodsky 27,885 396 582 14.20 20.87 -0.65% ---- Yelovsky 12,299 176 229 14.31 18.62 -0.43% ---- Kochevsky 12,356 181 196 14.65 15.86 -0.12% ---- Ilyinsky 20,311 278 408 13.69 20.09 -0.64% ---- Karagaysky 23,907 360 381 15.06 15.94 -0.08% ---- Kishertsky 14,578 158 280 10.84 19.21 -0.83% ---- Krasnovishersky 26,287 335 455

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