100 m ft to high. Climate Chumphon has a tropical monsoon climate (Köppen climate classification ''Am'') just falling short of a tropical rainforest climate (Köppen ''Af''). Temperatures are hot throughout the year. The period from December to April has relatively less rainfall than from May to November, when rainfall can be very heavy, particularly in October and November.

at the bus station), and you will be taken into town for 50 baht, and dropped off any place you request. You could also hire a taxi or, the cheapest option: turn left from Saladaeng Rd onto Prachauthit Rd and walk about 300 m. On the right is a 7-Eleven and on the left is the in-town bus station. Continue another 200 m to the intersection of Pinijkadee Rd on the right and walk along this for about 100 m. On the other side of the road are white songthaews which go regularly and stop at the bus

the road and walk past the three old steam locomotives mounted on display. After 200 m is the intersection with Saladaeng Rd. Directly ahead on this same road is where the cheap eats are. Turn right into Saladaeng and this appears to be the main hotel strip. You will soon pass the Fame Guesthouse on your left, followed by Sri Chumpon (right), Suriwong (right) and Paradorn (left some 100 m along Soi 4). See *


proposals for army reorganisation, he quit in 1990, and briefly became ambassador to Romania. However, after Bendjedid was deposed by the military coup of January 1992, his career prospects became more promising. In July 1993, he became Minister of Defense; in January 1994 he was promoted to head of the High Council of State. In November 1995, he was elected President, a post which he retained until the next elections. '''Air Algérie Flight 6289''', a Boeing 737#737-200 Boeing 737-200

of the 6 crew members perished; a total of 102 people died in the accident. The sole survivor of the accident was identified as 28-year-old soldier Youcef Djillali. Obs", Mar 11, 2003 *On 21 December 1994, an Air Algérie Boeing 737 Boeing 737-200 operating '''Cargo Flight 702P (Air Algérie Flight 702P)''' from East Midlands Airport

to Coventry Airport (both in England) on behalf of Phoenix Aviation crashed 1.7 kilometres short of the runway at the destination airport, killing the five crew members on board. Flight 702P at the Aviation Safety Network. Retrieved on 2011-06-15. *On 6 March 2003 at 15:15 local time, '''Air Algérie Flight 6289''', a Boeing 737–200 (registered 7T-VEZ) on a domestic flight


in Simbirsk. The construction of the Kuybyshev hydroelectric plant (Zhiguli Hydroelectric Station) (completed in 1957) in some places. To this day, some populated neighborhoods of Ulyanovsk remain well below the level of the reservoir, protected from flooding by a dam

Group and Marriott Hotels & Resorts are building their hotels in the downtown area. The region of Undory, a driving distance from Ulyanovsk is famous for its spas and mineral water. The city offers many options for sports enthusiasts. The countryside is ideal for outdoor and water sports. The springs of Undory have been known for more than 200 years. The water at spa is rich in sodium chloride, and comes from artesian wells. Retail and Restaurants Retail is a growing business

Russian Federation Igor Levitin in the course of working trip to Ulyanovsk Region will estimate the possibility of SEZ creation of port type , PRIME-TASS, Saransk, June 17, 2008 The city is also divided by the river Sviyaga (Sviyaga River), a tributary of the Volga but whose confluence with it is about 200 km north of the city. Public transportation in the city is well developed and provided by 17 tram lines, 7 trolleybus routes (and all tram lines are only


the mine at Zouerat, passing the mine at Fderik, and ends at the port of Nouadhibou Cansado. *One of the world's longest trains (up to 2.5 km long) runs here, with more than 200 wagons (Railroad car#Freight cars) mainly transporting iron ore, and some carriages for passengers (Railroad car#Passenger cars); alternatively, people sit on top of the iron piles.

of the United Nations MINURSO mission. The main ("external") line of fortifications extends for about 2,500 km. It runs east from Guerguerat on the coast in the extreme south of Western Sahara near the Mauritanian town of Nouadhibou, closely parallelling the Mauritanian border for about 200 km, before turning northwards beyond Techla. It then runs generally northeastward, leaving Guelta Zemmur, Smara, and Hamza (town) Hamza

in Moroccan-held territory, before turning east and again closely following the Algerian border as it approaches Morocco. A section extends about 200 km into southeastern Morocco United Nations Map No. 3691 Rev. 53 United Nations, October 2006 (Colour), Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Cartographic Section. Depicts the deployment of the MINURSO mission, as well as the Wall


one way. The '''cheapest''' way to fly to Aktau is with the decrepit airline SCAT or the low quality Azerbaijan Air from Baku or Tbilisi at a little bit less than 200 Dollars one way. Direct domestic flights include: Atyrau (SCAT and Astana Air several times per day), Almaty (Astana Air or SCAT once a day) and sometimes Aktobe (SCAT). Direct international flights include: or Moscow (Transaero). Twice weekly, you can fly direct with SCAT to Istanbul or to Tbilisi

in existence, but '''taxis''' are plentiful. Flag fare should be 200 Tenge to anywhere within the city center, but this is often 300 Tenge for foreigners. Most cars in Aktau will stop and pick you up informally and there is no need to wait for an official taxi to pass by. Official taxi drivers are usually from the Caucasus, and they rarely speak Western European languages. Locals driving newer cars are a better bet if you aren't comfortable communicating in Russian or Kazakh. When you get in the car

is reluctantly all-you-can-eat. It is not worth the 200 Tenge savings to eat here instead of Asorti or the premium over Shvedski Stol. * Shvedski Stol (шведский столь) has two locations, one in district 2 across from Shoom (ШУМ) and one in district 6 on the main east-west road. These restaurants also have an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet on weekdays, which costs around 900 Tenge per person. Be careful of overcharging, as the wait-staff will sometimes ring up your bill according

Emerson, Manitoba

in Minnesota. The towns of St. Vincent, Minnesota and Pembina, North Dakota are located just a few kilometers south of the border in the United States. The unincorporated community of Noyes, Minnesota lies immediately across the border from Emerson, however the border crossing between the two is now closed. The principal roads serving Emerson are Highway 75 (Manitoba Highway 75), which runs from the border north to Winnipeg, and Manitoba Provincial Road 200 Provincial Road

200 , which begins at Highway 75, crosses the Red River and then runs through the community and north to Winnipeg along the east side of the river. Emerson port of entry The border crossing at Emerson, Manitoba and Pembina, North Dakota is the fifth busiest along the Canada-U.S. Border, and the second busiest west of the Great Lakes. It is part of a large trade corridor that links the Canadian prairies with the United States and Mexico. Annual cross-border trade is valued

road (later known as Highway 29 (Manitoba Highway 29)) leading to the border and then continuing south on U.S. Route 81. thumb 300px right Highways 75 and 200 at Emerson, current and original configurations (File:Emerson highway map.png)After Interstate 29 replaced the U.S. 81 in 1957, the Emerson East crossing continued to be the primary port of entry, although its importance began to decline. In the 1980s, the Highway 75 29 junction was rebuilt to direct traffic going through


(city) '''

2260 text '''1. Hailar''' (Hailar District)

-city.htm However, the continuous central urban and metropolitan area is limited to only Hailar District, which is almost 200 times smaller than prefecture-city boundary. Hulun Bur is the grassland area between the lakes Ulun, and Bur Geography and climate The city proper of Hulunbuir itself (Hailar) has a humid continental climate (Köppen (Köppen climate classification) ''Dwb'') bordering on a subarctic climate (Köppen ''Dwc''), although the northern part of the prefecture

St. Johns, Portland, Oregon

. Monahan was the president of the library committee during its construction. Upon its completion, the Portland Library donated 200 books to the new establishment. Politics and laws On March 18, 1903 the town held its first elections. The town elected Charles A. Cook, a telegraph operator, to be their first mayor

for $3,500. By January, with one month remaining on their payment deadline, the council had only put up $200. This forced M. L. Holbrook to pay $2,000 and W. M. Killingsworth to put another $1,000 behind the project, with the promise that it would be returned in due time. One member of the city council was adamant in his

alt1 caption1 Cathedral Park (Cathedral Park (Portland)) image5 Chimney Park, Portland, Oregon.JPG alt5 width5 200 caption5 Chimney Park image2 St. Johns Park, Portland, Oregon.JPG alt2 width2 200 caption2 St. Johns Park image3 George Park, Portland, Oregon.JPG alt3 width3 200 caption3 George Park image6 Pier Park, Portland, Oregon.JPG alt6 width6 113 caption6 Pier Park (Portland) Pier Park

Gaithersburg, Maryland

; - ! # ! Employer ! # of Employees - 1 National Institute of Standards and Technology 2,115 - 2 IBM 1,100 - 3 MedImmune 1,027 - 4 Sodexo USA 1,000 - 5 Asbury Methodist Village 867 - 6 ''The Gazette (The Gazette (Maryland))'' 428 - 7 Gene Logic (Ocimum Biosolutions) 362 - 8 BroadSoft 200 - 9 Qiagen 280 - 10 Airline Foods 185 Gaithersburg also receives significant income from its conference organization platform including

''') is a Interstate Highway spur route off I-270 (Interstate 270 (Maryland)) in Gaithersburg (Gaithersburg, Maryland), Maryland to the western end of toll road MD 200 (Maryland Route 200) (Intercounty Connector) at an interchange that provides access to the park and ride lot at the Shady Grove (Shady Grove (Washington Metro)) station on the Red Line (Red Line (Washington Metro)) of the Washington Metro. Despite the number, I-370 does not connect

to I-70 (Interstate 70 in Maryland) itself. The road continues to the west of I-270 as Sam Eig Highway, a surface road. Along the way, I-370 has an interchanges with Maryland Route 355 and Shady Grove Road. The freeway was completed in the late 1980s to connect I-270 to the Shady Grove Metro station. I-370 was always part of the planned Intercounty Connector, but was the only segment to be built at the time. The opening of MD 200 (Maryland Route 200) east of I-370 resulted

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