since around 500 BC. Its earliest known mention dates back to 1136. Today, Grosuplje is a centre of crafts and industry whose rapid development is mainly due to its good transport connections and nearness to Ljubljana. *

. Bus line which drive in and out of Grosuplje is line 3G (Ljubljana-Grosuplje). Grosuplje it is located at the third zone. * By taxi '''Taxi Ljubljana'''"http: "'''Taxi Laguna

. Cave tours for groups of more than five people guided in Slovenian and English are available all year round by prior appointment. To arrange a time, please call +386 (0)1 786 13 23 or +386 (0)41 407 705. The tour takes about an hour. Little tower (Turenček) The inhabitants of Šmarje defended themselves from the Turks by building strong defensive walls around the church of Mary's birth. The original wall had four towers, of which only one remains standing and is now beautifully renovated


with colour Labour Party (UK) 32 5 0 +5 46.4 42.9 46,006 - 0 0 0 0 0 1.5 1,581

2008 2 0 1 -1 -

with colour Save Huddersfield NHS 1 0 0 0 - 0 0 1 -1 2007 election The table below summarises the results of the local government election held in May 2007. 23 of the 69 seats were up for re-election. Each party is ordered by number of votes registered. No party won the 35 or more seats required for overall control, though the Labour Party won the most seats. The administration of the council was decided at the Annual

Barry Town United F.C.

A.F.C. Swansea Town 3–0 Condon, Brown, B. Davies Unknown Barry (Jenner Park Stadium) - 1929–30 Welsh Football League Cup 28 04 30 Category:1912 establishments in Wales Category:Association football clubs established in 1912 Category:Football clubs in Wales Category:Southern Football League clubs Category:Sport in the Vale of Glamorgan Category:Barry, Vale of Glamorgan * (Category:Barry Town F.C. players)


, Liechtenstein DATE OF DEATH colorcode #01698F headquarters Vaduz, Liechtenstein ideology Social democracy, Green politics - 14. 13 October 2007 01 0–3 Euro 2008 qualification (UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying) - Short biography When only seven years old Rheinberger became organist at Vaduz Parish Church, and his first composition

, Liechtenstein 1–0 3–0

Batthyány de Német-Újvár (Güssing) (born 25 March 1968 in Graz). They have seven children: ***Lukas Maria von Lattorff (born 13 May 2000 in Wiesbaden) - 11. 6 June 2007 Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz, Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 0–'''1 0–2 UEFA Euro 2008 Qualifying - alias origin Vaduz, Liechtenstein genre Gothic metal Education After passing his examinations


" - !colspan "2" Party!!Seats!!  ±   - style "background-color: " Liberal Democrat (Liberal Democrats) 01 - style "backgrouns-color

: " Independent (Independent (politician)) 01 http: councillors Parliament Wyre is split into three Parliamentary Constituencies - Wyre and Preston North, Lancaster and Fleetwood and Blackpool North and Cleveleys. This was recently changed as part of the Boundary changes for the United Kingdom general election, 2010. Before this change it had been split into three Lancaster


0–'''1''' 01 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA Second Round 2010


1-0 1-0 2010 Africa Cup of Nations - Portuguese discoverer Paulo Dias de Novais founded Luanda in 1575 as ''São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda''. Novais occupied a strip of land with a hundred families of colonists and four hundred soldiers, and established a fortified settlement. The Portuguese crown granted Luanda the status of city in 1605. Several other settlements, forts and ports were founded and maintained by the Portuguese. Benguela, a Portuguese fort

, London, New York, 2005, ISBN 0-415-35015-8, p. 94 Through November and December 1975, the SADF presence in Angola numbered 2,900 to 3,000 personnel. Spies, F. J. du Toit in. ''Operasie Savannah. Angola 1975-1976'', Pretoria, 1989, p. 215 - 6 30 January 2010 Benguela, Angola '''Estadio Municipal de Benguela''' is a multi-use

Kuwait City

. Finally, the aircraft was flown to Algeria, where it was impounded by authorities and the remaining hostages were freed. - '''2''' 21 January 1990 Kazma SC Stadium, Kuwait City, Kuwait br>

;(Kuwait City, Kuwait; February 14, 2000) World cup apps - style "background:#8fcfdf;" 7 October 2006 Kuwait City, Kuwait align center KWI align center OKBK bgcolor #DDDDDD Kuwait International Airport align center

01 Yemen

Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

"wikitable" - !Year !! Conservatives (Conservative Party (UK)) !! Labour (Labour Party (UK)) !! Liberal Democrats (Liberal Democrats (UK)) !! Green Party (Green Party of England and Wales) !! Independent (Independent (politician)) - 2008 24 21 20 0 1 - 2009 25 20 20 0 1 *On 18 May 2009, Councillor Denis Knowles resigned from the Labour group, joining the Conservatives.

; - 2013 22 37 6 0 1 * On 30 April 2013, it was reported in the ''Wirral Globe'' that the Lib Dem Councillor Mark Johnston had left the party to become an independent councillor. - 2014 21 38 6 1 0 Parliamentary constituencies


. In the latter year he became the priest of Saldenhofen an der Drau. In 1844 Slomšek moved to Sankt Andrä and headed the school of the Diocese of Lavant. He became a priest in Celje in 1846, and in the same year he was ordained Bishop of Lavant. Šavli, Jožko, Slovenski svetniki - 4. 28 March 2007 Celje, Slovenia 01 01 Euro 2008 qualifier (UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying) - File:Jelko Kacin.jpg thumb Jelko Kacin

01 0 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifying (2006 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA)) - '''NK Celje''' is an association football club from Slovenia. They are based in Celje, Slovenia's third largest city. They play in First Slovenian League, 1.SNL (Slovenian PrvaLiga). Together with NK Maribor and ND Gorica they are the only club that have participated in every season of 1.SNL (Slovenian PrvaLiga) since its formation in 1991. : What do you mean

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