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). In September 2003, as "Days of Belarusian Literacy" were celebrated for the 10th time in Polotsk, city authorities dedicated a monument to honor the unique Cyrillic Belarusian letter Ў (Short U (Cyrillic)), which is not used in any other Slavic language. The original idea for the monument came from the Belarusian calligraphy professor Paval Siemchanka, who has been studying Cyrillic scripts for many years. Sports The city has produced players for the Belarusian national bandy


in wagons. Others perform humorous skits in the evenings. The carnival revues and other stage entertainments have launched a number of well-known entertainers and actors over the years. Sports Lund is not a notable center for sports except for handball (team handball), where it has two teams in the men's top league: H 43 (H 43 Lund) and LUGI and two teams in the women's top league: H43 Lundagård and LUGI. It also has a chess team, Lunds ASK, that for decades has been among the top teams in Sweden. Lund is also the birthplace of the online football manager game Hattrick. Lund also has a Division 1 football club called Lunds BK. Lund hosted matches from the 2011 Handball World Championship (2011 World Men's Handball Championship) in the Färs och Frosta Sparbank Arena. In Lund you will also find Lugi Rugbyklubb, one Sweden's few rugby clubs. Industry Lund is a centre of high tech companies, such as Sony Mobile Communications, ST-Ericsson, Doro (Doro (telecoms)) and other telecommunication companies. The Lund Institute of Technology has historical connections with the industrial economy. A business park, ''Ideon'', is for high tech companies that have ties to the university. Other important industries include medical technology (Gambro), pharmaceuticals, biotechnology (Active Biotech, among others), heat exchanger and separator (Alfa Laval), and publishing and library services. The hospital and the university in Lund are two other major employers, with extensive research facilities. Astra Zeneca offices closed down in 2010 and has been replaced by Ideon Medicon Village. Lund is home to the Tetra Pak company, which manufactures and markets paper packaging and equipment for milk, orange juice, etc. all over the world. Education *Lund University *Lund Institute of Technology *Lund School of Economics and Management *Royal Swedish Physiographic Society *Ljud & Bildskolan Main sights During the 12th and 13th centuries, when the town was the seat of the archbishop, many churches and monasteries were built. At its peak, Lund had 27 churches, but most of them were demolished as result of the Reformation (Protestant Reformation) in 1536. Several medieval buildings remain, including Lund Cathedral, Liberiet, the restaurant Stäket (Stäket (Lund)) and parts of the Cathedral School (Katedralskolan, Lund). 900px thumb center City panorama with the towers of Lund Cathedral (Image:Lund skyline februari 2005.jpg) Most of the central buildings in Lund date from the late 19th century, when small houses were replaced by multi-storey ones. Notable buildings built during this period include the University Library (University Library (Lund)) (1902), Grand Hotel (Grand Hotel (Lund)) (1899) and the University Main Building (Lund University main building) (1882). File:Lunds universitetsbibliotek.jpg The University Library (University Library (Lund)) File:Hjortgatan, Lund.jpg Hjortgatan File:Korsgatan, Lund.jpg Korsgatan File:Lund-SL.jpg Lund-SL File:Mariagatan, Lund.jpg Mariagatan File:Clemenstorget, Lund.jpg The Clemens place File:Lunds centralstation.jpg Lunds centralstation File:Palaestra, Lund.jpg Palaestra File:Universitetshuset i lund.jpg Lund University main building File:Kungshuset, Lund, 2004b.jpg Kungshuset File:Gamla biblioteket, Lund.jpg The Old library File:The Old Bull Pub Lund 2008.jpg The Old Bull Pub File:Lunds universitetsbibliotek .jpg University library File:Akademiet i Lund.jpg Akademiet i Lund File:Kanonsalut vid doktorspromovering i Lund 2005.jpg ''Doktorspromovering'', a solemn graduation ceremony when tradition crave shouting with canons File:Grand Hotel, Lund.jpg Grand Hotel (Grand Hotel (Lund)) File:Locus Peccatorum.JPG Locus Peccatorum, early 18th century, corner of Adelgatan (Adel street) and Sankt Annegatan (St Anne street) File:Lunds domkyrka i maj-1.jpg This picture depicts the old lilacs before they were cut down File:Östervångsskolan, Lund.jpg Östervång school File:Bosmålatorpet på Kulturen.jpg The open air museum Kulturen, a collections of historical buildings File:The street in Lund.JPG The street in Lund Notable natives and residents *Klas Anshelm, architect *Axwell, professional DJ *Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Olympic equestrian *Martin Dahlin, footballer *Timbuktu (Timbuktu (artist)) (Jason Diakité), hip-hop and reggae artist *Kim Ekdahl du Rietz, handball player *Mikael Håfström, film writer and director *Amanda Jenssen, singer *Joachim Johansson, tennis player *Helena Josefsson, singer *Roger Ljung, footballer *Jan Malmsjö, actor *Lukas Moodysson, film writer, director *Ivo Pekalski, footballer *The Radio Dept., band *Ola Svensson, pop singer *Max von Sydow, actor *Linus Thörnblad, Olympic high jumper *Elin Wägner, feminist writer *Måns Zelmerlöw, pop singer Literary residents *Vilhelm Ekelund, poet *Hjalmar Gullberg, writer, poet and translator *Ola Hansson, writer, poet and critic *Carl Linnaeus, scientist and author *Axel Lundegård, writer *Anders Österling, writer, poet, translator and critic *Lars Norén, poet and playwright *Bengt Lidforss, natural scientist and writer *Göran Sonnevi, poet and translator *August Strindberg, playwright *Esaias Tegnér, writer and bishop See also *Lund Principle, an important principle in ecumenical relations between Christian churches. *Uppsala References commons:Lund


of education,it is more international than general universities in China. Many students here prepare to go abroad to finish their junior and senior years. Sports facilities Zhuhai is the first city in China to have constructed a motor racing circuit. The Zhuhai International Circuit ( ) was built in 1996 and is located at Jinding, near the border to Zhongshan. ZIC has held the BPR Global GT Endurance Series in 1996, the FIA GT Championship in 1997


; the stadia have nonetheless undergone maintenance work in recent years. Sports City was recently closed down for a complete redevlopment of the site. As of 2009, the 28 March Stadium was undergoing demolition work, and a new 45,000 all seater stadium was to be constructed in its place. A second smaller stadium was to be built on-site, and the entire site was to undergo redevelopment before its reopening in 2011, and its use in the 2013 African Nations Cup. Benghazi is a coastal city, and its beaches are an important location for sporting activities. The coast at Jeliana is home to the Milaha Beach Club amongst others. Wind surfing and swimming are two of the most popular water sports. There are also several contact sport clubs in the city –judo and taekwondo are popular men's sports in Benghazi. In recent times, rugby sevens has seen great success with three clubs in the vicinity. Gyms have also become more popular in the city in recent years, because of a greater concern for healthy living amongst Libyans. Transport commons:بنغازي


into a mosque in the early 1970s. The building was extensively remodelled at this time. Colleges and universities The largest university in Tripoli, the University of Tripoli, is a public university providing free education to the city's inhabitants. Private universities and colleges have also begun to crop up in the last few years. Sports thumb June 11 Stadium (File:Tehaa-Fans-SuperCup-BenTaher.jpg) is the home stadium of both Al Ahly (Al Ahly Tripoli) and Al-Ittihad

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