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Republic of the Congo

and less on patronage to maintain his dictatorship. Pascal Lissouba, who became Congo's first elected president (1992–1997) during the period of multi-party democracy, attempted to implement economic reforms with IMF backing to liberalise the economy. In June 1996 the IMF approved a three-year Special drawing

Republic of Ireland

Years journal The Collector volume An Post 25 Year Special Edition pages 4 publisher An Post location Dublin year 2009 url http: NR rdonlyres 39E69F78-A0B1-4B7E-B652-B5A3E3D9FA64 0 CollectorsNewsIssue30.pdf accessdate 2011-04-23 Ireland In Ireland (Republic of Ireland), the Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland was adopted in November 1992 by a plebiscite of citizens in order to ensure the freedom of movement in the specific

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