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at all times of the year. Hit the road publisher Taipei Times date 2004-12-09 accessdate 2010-07-12 thumb right 250px Longshan Temple (Image:Lukang Lung-shan Temple 2004.jpg) '''Lukang''' ( ) is an urban township (township (Taiwan)) in northwestern Changhua County, Taiwan (latitude 24°03'N, longitude 120°26'E). The township is on the west coast of Taiwan, facing the Taiwan Strait

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Program at the State University of New York, U.S. (United States) (1994-1995)Carter''' (born December 16, 1928) is an United States American actor and filmmaker who is known for his roles as "Sgt. Joe Broadhurst", on the seven year hit TV series ''McCloud (McCloud (TV series))'' and as "Colonel Tigh" on the original ''Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica (1978 TV series))''. Biography Verbal

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