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Wrestling . He teamed with Hart's son Keith (Keith Hart (wrestler)) to win the Stampede Wrestling International Tag Team Championship in early 1977 by defeating The Cuban Assassins. Although they dropped the belts to The Royal Kangaroos, Burke was able to regain the title in September 1977 while teaming with his brother Romeo (who was then competing as Bobby Burke). On December 10, however, they lost the belts to Michel Martel (Michel Vigneault) and Mr. Hito. ref name stamp>



, and Independent Union, a reference to International Wrestling Grand Prix (New Japan Pro Wrestling). These factions consist of several "fictional" characters who are actually Japanese wrestlers that appeared in that country's version of the game, ''Virtual Pro Wrestling 64''. They appear in the American version with names changed due to copyright laws. These Japanese wrestlers include, among others FMW stars such as Hayabusa (Eiji Ezaki), who was renamed "Hannibal,"


Wrestling United States Heavyweight Title url http: canada maritimes agpw agpw-us-h.html publisher Wrestling Titles accessdate 2009-08-04 In February 1986, Burke had one final title reign in Stampede Wrestling, holding


Wrestling International Wrestling Enterprise . Wrestling as both a singles and tag team competitor, he quickly won the company's tag team championship alongside Michael Nador. It was during his time in Japan that doctors first informed Roussimoff that he suffered from acromegaly

surname thumb 150px Logo of International Pro Wrestling. (File:International Pro Wrestling.jpg) '''International Pro Wrestling''' (国際プロレス興行;, ''Kokusai Puroresu Kogyō''), also known as '''International Wrestling Enterprise''', was a professional wrestling promotion (Professional wrestling promotion) in Japan from 1966 to 1981. Founded by Isao Yoshihara, it was affiliated with the American Wrestling Association in the United States and also had tie-ins with promotions in Europe


in creative writing in the United States *Memphis Championship Wrestling International versions Although the original UK version has ended, an American (USA) version of the programme, CD USA, began on DirecTV's (DirecTV) The 101 (The 101 Network) on 21 January 2006. Australian broadcaster Foxtel also air a local version of the show, renamed ''CD Live'', on the Fox8 channel every Saturday evening. In Italy, the public television channel Rai Due has

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