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, and Turkey, using these as inspirations for his own original works, Reed has similarly devoted much study to the traditional music of North America. Many of his works feature material derived from the Mexican, Native American (Native Americans in the United States), Anglo-American, and African American cultures, blended with contemporary idioms. Oberto once more was part of the Argentine National Team for the 2010 FIBA World Championship, and was an important contributor to Argentina's


), with a fondness for drawing majestic landscapes of the American West. Many of his major works feature Sioux Native Americans in leading roles, and he has stated in interviews that he holds great admiration for the tribe. After a basic school education he worked as a window dresser for the Karstadt and Horten department stores (Horten AG#Former Horten Department Stores) in Duisburg. At 18, he moved to Switzerland. Eight months later, he went


. thumb Uragami Gyokudo, ''Clouds Shield the Layered Cliffs'' (File:Clouds Shield the Layered Cliffs.jpg) '''Uragami Gyokudō''' (浦上玉堂 1745, Kamogata (Asakuchi, Okayama), Okayama (Okayama Prefecture) - October 10, 1820) was a Japanese musician, painter (Painting), poet and calligrapher. In his lifetime, he was best known as a player of the Chinese seven-string zither, the guqin, but people came to appreciate his paintings after his death. His works feature strong brushwork

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&p_maxdocs 200&p_topdoc 1&p_text_direct-0 0F3608ACA5406655&p_field_direct-0 document_id&p_perpage 10&p_sort YMD_date:D&s_trackval GooglePM title Galleries Feature Top Contemporary Artists, Utahns, Up-and-Comers accessdate 2008-03-08 date 1993-11-21 work Deseret News Many of his works feature scenes from the Western United States, including the Rocky Mountains, where he grew up. Beach football had been played recreationally all over the world

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