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Water past the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. *1812 – War of 1812: 17 Indiana Rangers are killed at the Battle of Wild Cat Creek. *1837 – Canadian (Canada) journalist and politician William Lyon Mackenzie calls for a rebellion against the United Kingdom in his essay "To the People of Upper Canada", published in his newspaper ''The Constitution''. *1858 – Denver, Colorado (Denver) is founded. Wartime production rates

United States

thumb right 300px The NADW flows southward through the Atlantic Ocean, approaching the Antarctic Bottom Water past the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. *1859 – Charles Darwin publishes ''On the Origin of Species'', the anniversary of which is sometimes called "Evolution Day" *1863 – American Civil War: Battle of Lookout Mountain (Third Battle of Chattanooga) – Near Chattanooga, Tennessee, Union (United States) forces under General

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