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New Brighton, Minnesota

in the tri-city New Brighton-Mounds View (Mounds View, Minnesota)-St. Anthony Village (St. Anthony, Hennepin County, Minnesota) area.) Water Groundwater is pumped from 12 deep wells, ranging from 300 to deep. The groundwater is located in three aquifers: Prairie du Chien, Jordan and Mt. Simon Hinckley. New Brighton’s water is classified as very hard (hard water) with 17 to 20 grains per gallon (290 to 340 g m³). Water hardness is due principally to calcium


was 14.87milligrams per litre (gram per litre) from April 2001 to August 2006. During the same period, the concentration of calcium carbonate (CaCO 3 ) was 57.73 milligrams per litre, slightly over Botswana's ideal concentration which means the water is hard (hard water). Also during the same period, the chloride concentration was 6.44 mg l, the fluoride concentration was 0.54 mg l, the potassium concentration was 6.72 mg l

Reading, Berkshire

; ref Mains water and sewerage services are supplied by Thames Water Utilities Limited (Thames Water), a private sector water supply company, whilst water abstraction and disposal is regulated by the Environment Agency. Reading's water supply is largely derived from underground aquifers, and as a consequence the water is hard (hard water).


. In the past, horse-chestnut seeds were used in France and Switzerland for whitening hemp, flax, silk and wool. They contain a soapy juice, fit for washing of linens and stuffs, for milling of caps and stockings, etc., and for fulling of cloth. For this, 20 horse-chestnut seeds were sufficient for six liters of water. They were peeled, then rasped or dried, and ground in a malt or other mill. The water must be soft, either rain or river water; hard well water will not work. The nuts

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