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294 edition 5th year 2003 publisher Springer Verlag location New York url http: books?q 3508+Pasternak+1980+DO5 isbn 3540002383 Unusual Films has produced seven feature-length films: ''Wine of Morning'', ''Red Runs the River'', ''Flame in the Wind'', ''Sheffey'', ''Beyond the Night'', ''The Printing'', and ''Milltown Pride''. List of movies

produced by Unusual Films ''Wine of Morning'' (1955), based on a novel by Bob Jones, Jr., represented the United States at the Cannes Film Festival. "''Wine of Morning'' was selected by the University Film Producers Association to represent the United States at the International Congress of Motion Picture and Television Schools in Cannes, France, and following a showing at the Congress, garnered praise from the international film community. ''Wine of Morning

. For twenty years Unusual Films emphasized children's films and video production List of recent films on the BJU website. before, in 2011, it released ''Milltown Pride'', a feature-length film (feature film) set in 1920s Upstate South Carolina. thumb The Eighth Army (United Kingdom) Eighth Army (File:El Alamein 1942 - British infantry.jpg) was made up of units

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