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region1name Kayes (Kayes (region)) region1color #9da1c4 region1items region1description region2name Koulikoro (Koulikoro (region)) region2color #92c6a8 region2items region2description By far Mali's most populous province, owing to the fact that it houses the capital, Bamako region3name Mopti (Mopti (region)) region3color #d6ba78 region3items region3description Most of Mali's travel riches are concentrated in this region: unique rock formations at Hombori, the architecture of Djenné, and the unbelievable escarpment villages of Dogon Country region4name Segou (Segou (region)) region4color #cba78a region4items region4description region5name Sikasso (Sikasso (region)) region5color #bb95b6 region5items region5description Northern Mali Commons:Category:Mali WikiPedia:Mali Dmoz:Regional Africa Mali




Land had a population of 9,199. A specific type of hydrothermal alteration termed ''fenitization'' is typically associated with carbonatite intrusions. This alteration assemblage produces a unique rock mineralogy termed a ''fenite'' after its type locality, the Fen complex (Fen Complex, Norway) in Norway. The alteration consists of metasomatic (metasomatism) halos consisting of sodium rich silicates (Silicate mineral) arfvedsonite, barkevikite and glaucophane along


) Prairies region4color #cbd37f region4items Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan region4description From the east, this region starts off with rocky terrain and flat farmland, and as one travels westward, eventually ends up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The region is rich in geographic variety, from rolling hills to rich canola farm fields to forests rich in diversity to outstanding lakes to rather unique rock formations. This region is also one of the fastest growing in Canada

United States

Dorian on the television series ''Scrubs (Scrubs (TV series))'', for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. The '''Pink Cliffs''' are a series of highly-dissected (Dissected plateau) cliffs, approximately 35 mi (56 km) long, along the southeast edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau in southwestern Utah in the United States. The cliffs form unique rock

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