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Staten Island

Historical Society; Yale University Press; 1995. P. 859. thumb Coptic Church (File:Michael-Mena Coptic Ch jeh.JPG) '''Great Kills''' is a neighborhood within New York City's borough of Staten Island. It is located on the island's South Shore (South Shore, Staten Island), and according to many local geographers, it is the South Shore's northernmost community. ''Kill (Kill (body of water))'' is an archaic Dutch (Dutch language) word with various popular translations

, including "creek" and "channel;" indeed, many small streams dot the neighborhood, and the name can be interpreted as meaning that a great number of such streams can be found there. The ZIP Code for Great Kills is 10308. '''Dongan Hills''' is a neighborhood located within New York City, USA (United States)'s borough of Staten Island. It is on the Island's East Shore (East Shore, Staten Island). '''Eltingville''' is the name of a neighborhood on Staten


; ref were the first Europeans to come upon the island. The original name for Barbados in the Pre-Columbian era was '''Ichirouganaim''' according to accounts by descendants of the indigenous Arawakan (Arawakan languages)-speaking tribes in other regional areas, with possible translations including "Red land with white teeth",


to Switzerland might have been inspired by a casual suggestion by future French (France) president Georges Pompidou, who had been a banker. The authors and the president sometimes admitted to it, but sometimes denied it. * Bibendum (Michelin#Bibendum) (the Michelin man) makes a brief guest appearance as the chariot wheel dealer in certain translations, including the original English translation. The original French version used the Gaulish warrior-like mascot of the French service

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