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Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo

, if You Can"''), "U vrijeme otkazanih letova" (''"At the Time of Cancelled Flights"''), "Polubauk kruži poluevropom" and "Ovaj ples dame biraju" (''"Lady's Choice"'') featured different sound, illustrating various fazes in the band's career. The album title track is the only instrumental track Bijelo dugme ever recorded. Although ''Uspavanka za Radmilu M.'' did not bring numerous hits as the band's previous releases and is generally considered the least successful Bijelo dugme album, the tour was very successful, and audience's response made Bregović change his mind. After the tour the band went on a hiatus and Bebek recorded his second solo album ''Mene tjera neki vrag''. He officially left the band on April 23, 1984, deciding to dedicate himself to his solo career. Decline As the New Wave perished in the beginning of the 1980s, some of the bands split or took different musical directions. The period around 1982 is considered especially crucial concerning the decline of the New Wave in Yugoslavia. There were several other reasons why the Yugoslav New Wave started to fade beside the notable general decline of the New Wave around the world: the economical crisis in Yugoslavia in the first half of the 1980s (see: Economy of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) and the political instability, especially in the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo in 1981 after Josip Broz Tito's death. Also, the musical genres such as post-punk, darkwave and gothic rock, as well as New Romantic and synth-pop already saw a great expansion around the world, including Yugoslavia too. '''Kosovafilmi''' was a film production, distribution and screening company in Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo, Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). Established on February 20, 1969. Its first general director was Abdurrahman Shala. The following directors were Azem Shkreli, in which period the best movies of Kosovafilm were produced, also Xhevat Qorraj and Ekrem Kryeziu. The actual director of Kosovafilm is Gani Mehmetaj. The Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo was established in 1974 with a high degree of autonomy within the Socialist Republic of Serbia. This autonomy was curtailed by constitutional amendments in 1989, resulting in mass protests by Kosovar Albanians, many of whom were arrested by the then-Yugoslav authorities. This resulted in a declaration of a state of emergency in February 1990 and the resignation of the Provincial Council of Ministers in May. In the 1980s, Albanian (Albanians) secessionist movements in the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo, Socialist Republic of Serbia, led to the repression of the Albanian majority in Serbia's southern province. *** Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (1945–1963)) (1944–1963), Socialist Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (1963–1990), Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (Vojvodina) (1990–1992) *** Autonomous Region of Kosovo and Metohija (Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija (1946–1974)) (1945–1974), Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo (1974–1990), Autonomous Province of Kosovo (History of Kosovo) (1990–1992) ** People's Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina) (1945–1963), Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1963–1990), Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1990–1992)

Georgetown, Ontario

" (#3 RPM Charts), "Sinking Like a Sunset" (#2 RPM Charts), "Washed Away" (#7 RPM Charts), "Bigger Man" and the title track "Mad Mad World". The album was produced by Joe Hardy and was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee and at three different Ontario studios: Metalworks in Mississauga, Hungry Hollow Studio in Georgetown (Georgetown, Ontario) and at Cochrane's cabin in Oakville (Oakville, Ontario). Coverage The station's signal from

Mendocino, California

the United States, Tea Leaf Green headed to Navarro Ridge Range in Mendocino, California, forsaking the confines of the city, to record ''Taught to Be Proud'' (2005), the band's fourth and, at the time, most cohesive album. With a focus on songs, as opposed to jams, the four members simplified the recording process, utilizing live takes on many of the tracks. The album is replete with radio-friendly hooks and subtly politically poignant lyricism. The title track earned Tea Leaf Green a Jammy

Woodburn, Oregon

Formation and early years (1987-1991) Babes in Toyland formed in 1987, after frontwoman Kat Bjelland met drummer Lori

Ukiah, California

' short solo guitar piece "Busted Down Around O'Connelley Corners" segues into "Ukiah", which Johnston wrote in tribute to the area. "We played a few shows in Ukiah (Ukiah, California), and I used to camp out a lot in the area when I was going to college." He said. The song's back-to-the-land sentiments also reflected some of his feelings at the time, although he admitted he probably couldn't make it as a farmer. This track segues into the album closer and title

track, "The Captain and Me". According to Johnston, the captain is no one in particular and the lyrics were written at the last minute and have no real meaning. The song was released as a single in the Netherlands and received some airplay there. - Ukiah (Ukiah, California), California KPRA 00 89.5 FM - Early years Rodgers was born in Chico (Chico, California) in Butte County, California, at an elevation of 682 feet (208 m). It is within the Ukiah Valley where U.S. Route 101 (U.S. Route 101 in California) and State Route 20 (California State Route 20) intersect. The population was 679 at the 2010 census. The small town is the site of the Mendocino Redwood Company mill and offices, which controls ten percent of the private land in the county. Forest Management and Stump-to-Forest Gate Chain-of-Custody Certification Evaluation Report for the: Early life Grace Carpenter was born in Potter Valley, California. Her mother was one of the first white (White people) school teachers educating Pomo children and was a commercial portrait photographer in Ukiah, California; her father was a skilled panoramic and landscape photographer who chronicled early Mendocino County frontier enterprises such as logging, shipping and railroading. Aurelius O. Carpenter: Photographer of the Mendocino Frontier At fourteen years of age, Grace was sent to attend the recently-established San Francisco School of Design (San Francisco Art Institute), an art school which emphasized painting from nature rather than from memory or by copying existing works. At sixteen, she executed an award-winning, full length, life sized self-portrait in crayon. While in San Francisco, she met and eloped with a man fifteen years her senior named William Davis, upsetting her parents and ending her formal studies. The marriage lasted only a year. thumb left Hopi (Image:SunHouseDoor.jpg) sun symbol over the door of The Sun House Returning to California, Grace and John Hudson lived the rest of their days leading a modest bohemian lifestyle of collecting, traveling, field work, reading, entertaining, photography and painting based in '''The Sun House''' in Ukiah (Ukiah, California), a Craftsman (American Craftsman)-style California bungalow they designed and had built of redwood in 1911. The Hopi sun symbol was adopted by the Hudsons as their family symbol; the Sun House displays the emblem prominently over the door. John Hudson died there in 1936.

Bossier City, Louisiana

, "And it sure smells like snow in Bossier City..." Johnny Rodriguez recorded a song called "Achin' Bossier City Backyard Blues" in 1972. Turnpike Troubadours 2007 freshman album is entitled Bossier City, and includes the title track "Bossier City." Radio FM radio class "wikitable FM Radio" - ! Callsign !! Channel !! Genre - KQHN 97.3 Top 40 - KMJJ-FM 99.7 Hip Hop - KRMD-FM 101.1

Sausalito, California

; and used as the title track on ''Down the Road (Down the Road (Van Morrison album))''. '''USS ''Sausalito'' (PF-4)''', a ''Tacoma''-class (Tacoma class frigate) frigate, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for Sausalito (Sausalito, California), California. * '''North Pacific Coast Railroad''' built a -gauge line from Sausalito (Sausalito, California) via the Tomales Bay coast to the Russian River (California) Russian River

Salinas, California

sports sp-4925_1_state-meet-school work Los Angeles Times first Eric last Shepard date 1993-06-20 title TRACK AND FIELD STATE HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS : Meet Turns Out Worth the Wait http: ATHLETICS TRACK stateres.htm Upon moving back to Canada in 1998, he moved in with his father and had trouble finding work. His father's friend Ibrahym Adam offered a job as a mechanic's assistant in Montreal, but suggested he look towards


released the album ''Rio'' (''River'') on Nacional Records, aggressively building upon the creative momentum of ''Oye''. The album was recorded in Bogotá and mixed by Héctor Castillo (Brazilian Girls, David Bowie, Gustavo Cerati) in New York City. It is an impassioned, socially conscious record with the group's signature organic rock sound. The album's opener and title track is a call to action that finds Aterciopelados at a new level of creativity and musicality. It coincides

; and then tried his hand in a dual career as both television star and romantic balladeer. While he gained domestic attention through his first few albums in the late 1980s, (including the title track from 1989's ''No Podrás Escapar de Mí''), his synth-pop style did little to differentiate himself from other musical artists of the era. It took a few years for Vives to find inspiration out of the limelight in Bogotá and back to his roots in Santa Marta. * Camden Park (amusement park


to date, ''Wonderful (Wonderful (Adam Ant album))''. The title track was a successful single, as was a tour of the U.S. in support of the album. While Ant and his group (which retained longtime guitarist Pirroni) played in smaller venues than they had played in the 1980s, the houses were often packed with enthusiastic fans. The tour was cut short due to Ant and Pirroni both contracting glandular fever. Ant, A., ''Stand and Deliver: The Autobiography'', p298 Ant also played three shows at Shepherds Bush Empire in London and did a mini tour of Virgin Record (Virgin Records) Shops playing selected tunes from the album ''Wonderful'' and signing records. Adam and his band also played shows in Dublin, Glasgow, Middlesbrough and Stoke-on-Trent. The Royal Albert Hall could be filled many times over with people wishing to attend the Last Night. To accommodate these people, and to cater for those who are not near London, the Proms in the Park concerts were started in 1996. Initially there was only one, in Hyde Park (Hyde Park, London), adjacent to the Hall. More locations have been added in recent years, and in 2005, Belfast, Glasgow, Swansea and Manchester hosted a Last Night Prom in the Park which was broadcast live from each venue. 2007 saw Manchester's prom being replaced by one in Middlesbrough. 2008 featured a reduction from 5 to 4 Proms in the Park, in Hyde Park, Belfast, Glasgow and Swansea. 2009 returned to a total of 5 Proms in the Park, in Hyde Park, Glasgow, Swansea, County Down and Salford (Salford, Greater Manchester). Each location has its own live concert, typically playing the countries' respective national anthems, before joining in a live big screen video link up with the Royal Albert Hall for the traditional finale. Access thumb right Highcliff Nab (File:Highcliffe Nab.jpg) Two main roads cross at Guisborough, the A171 (A171 road) and the A173 (A173 road). The A171 leads west to Middlesbrough and east to Whitby whilst the A173 goes south-west to Stokesley and north-east as far as Skelton (Skelton-in-Cleveland) where it joins the A174 (A174 road) coast road. Before the bypass (Bypass route) was built, traffic on both of these had to pass through Westgate, the town's main street. Just outside the bypass to the north-east, a B-road heads north from the A173 to Redcar. Another minor route out of the town, Wilton Lane, is a very windy almost single-track which leads north to the small village of Wilton (Wilton, Redcar and Cleveland), whence one can either join the A174 or continue onto the ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) Wilton chemical works. As well as these, there are two lanes that lead out of town into the hills; Hutton Lane which ends at Hutton Village, a tiny settlement built mostly for local mining, agricultural and estate workers, and Belmangate, an ancient funeral route. There are no longer any large employers in the town: Guisborough has become a commuter town for nearby Middlesbrough, with many people working in the chemical plants that are located around Teesside. Whitby's cultural and historical heritage contribute to the local economy. The town suffers from the economic constraints of its remote location, poor transport infrastructure, and limitations on available land and property, so tourism and fishing remain the mainstay of the its economy. It is the closest port to a proposed wind farm development in the North Sea, WikiPedia:Middlesbrough Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Cleveland Middlesbrough Commons:Category:Middlesbrough

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