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Thule Air Base

of the 50th Space Wing's global satellite control network, as well as operating many new weapons systems. In addition, the modern airfield boasts a asphalt runway and 3,000 U.S. and international flights per year. A delegation from NATO's Parliamentary Assembly visited Thule in early September 2010 and were told by the base commander that, at that time (summer), approximately 600 personnel were serving at Thule, a mix of mostly U.S. and Danish active duty personnel


Strategic Intelligence Assessment Summary timezone GMT timezone_DST Summer Time (British) (British Summer Time) utc_offset_DST +1 coordinates_display title latd 51 latm 39 lats 18 latNS N longd 0 longm 23 longs 44.5 longEW W postal_code_type Postcode area (List of postcode areas in the United Kingdom) postal_code WD (WD postcode area) area_code 01923 & 020 website


''' ( ; born 12 February 1983) is a Belarusian footballer (Association football) who is currently playing for FC Gomel. DATE OF BIRTH 12 February 1983 PLACE OF BIRTH Minsk, Belarus, Soviet Union DATE OF DEATH Light colours indicate countries that do not observe summer time (daylight saving time): Algeria, Belarus, Iceland


is always called first, as the founding nation of the ancient precursor of modern Olympics. The nation has competed at every Summer Olympic Games, one of only four countries to have done so. Having won a total of 110 medals (30 gold, 42 silver and 38 bronze), Greece is ranked 32nd by gold medals in the all-time Summer Olympic medal count (All-time Olympic Games medal table). Their best ever performance was in the 1896 Summer Olympics, when Greece finished second in the 1896 Summer Olympics


-week full-time summer programme in Welsh as a second language. * WikiPedia:Wales Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Wales commons:Wales - Cymru


and Ashdod. Holidays thumb Cyclists ride down a deserted Highway in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur (File:Yom Kippur on Highway 20 Tel-Aviv.jpg) thumb Fireworks celebrating "Independence day" (File:Independence Day Tel Aviv 2008.jpg) ;Israel's time: is + 2 hr from GMT (UTC) so when it's 18:00 in London, or 13:00 in New York (EST), it's 20:00 in Israel. '''Daylight savings time''' (Summer time) begins on the Friday before the last Sunday in March, and ends on the first Sunday after


, Brazil) is a Brazilian actress. Her first character was Ana, from the Brazilian movie Lavoura Arcaica (To the left of the father), a girl who falls in love with her brother, André. Ana does not say a word during the film. She expresses herself in her own way: through her eyes and her dance. Simone also likes to dance, especially classical ballet. She was Luiz Fernando Carvalho's girlfriend. Brazil has three time zones. Daylight saving time (''summer time'') is also observed by the Southern (Southern Brazil), Southeast (Southeast Region, Brazil) and Central-Western (Central-West Region, Brazil) Brazilian states (States of Brazil). A proposal to switch the entire country to a single UTC offset is under consideration.


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;tbtvmessage" A message to the viewers of Thunder Bay Television In the United States and Canada, this time zone is generically called '''Pacific Time''' ('''PT'''). Specifically, it is '''Pacific Standard Time''' ('''PST''') when observing standard time (Winter), and '''Pacific Daylight Time''' ('''PDT''') when observing daylight saving time (Summer). Most of Canada

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