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Prize) to publishers and authors for the first time. Comic fans crowded, cosplayers became a focus at Comic Hall thumb 240px Executives in the Opening Ceremony of Sony Fair 2008. (Image:SonyFair2008 Opening-2.jpg) The fifth annual '''''Sony Fair''''', established and organized by Sony Taiwan Limited (w:Sony) in Taipei (w:Taipei), Taiwan since 2004, started at the North Square of Taipei 101 (w:Taipei 101) near the w:Taipei World Trade


. *The comic was a showcase for the talent of so many young, at the time, comic artists: Graziano Barbaro, Alessandro Barbucci, Fabio Celoni, Andrea Ferraris, Andrea Freccero, Francesco Guerrini, Ettore Gula, Stefano Intini, Alberto Lavoradori, Corrado Mastantuono, Paolo Mottura, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Manuela Razzi, Claudio Sciarrone, Stefano Turconi, Silvia Ziche and many others. They were almost all scholars of the great Giovan Battista

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