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Cortina . On 3 March 1963, she married fellow rally driver Erik Carlsson. Ford (Ford of Britain) tried to sign Erik Carlsson; but instead, in 1964, Pat Moss switched to the Saab (Saab Automobile) factory team to partner her husband, nicknamed ''Mr. Saab'' for his long-time association with the company. Together, they competed in 11 international rallies. Her most notable results were 3rd at the Acropolis Rally and 4ths at the Liège-Sofia-Liège and the RAC (Rally GB). At the Monte Carlo Rally, she came in 5th in 1964 and 3d in 1965. It has also sold trolleybuses to cities in Bulgaria (Sofia), Estonia (Tallinn), Hungary (Budapest and Debrecen), Czech Republic (Opava and Ostrava), Slovakia (Bratislava and Košice), Italy (Rome, Naples, Sanremo, Bologna and Cagliari), Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Kaunas and Vilnius), Sweden (Landskrona), and Switzerland (Winterthur and La Chaux-de-Fonds). See more: Zestawienie Trollino 2009-01-20 (pdf, Polish), Date: 29 December 2009 #Istanbul, Turkey (Turkey (country)) #Sofia, Bulgaria #Nicosia, Cyprus * The Church of the Rotonda in Thessaloniki, built as the "Tomb of Galerius" in 306 AD. * The St George Rotunda (Church of St George, Sofia) in Sofia, Bulgaria, a 4th-century Early Christian church. * St. George Cathedral Church at Zvartnots, Armenia. - 12 2001-09-05 Sofia, Bulgaria


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" '''Penelope Delta''' ( , Alexandria, 1874 – Athens, 27 April 1941) was a Greek (Greece) author of books for children. Practically the first Greek children's books writer, her historical novels have been widely read and influenced Greek popular perceptions on national identity and history. Through her long-time association with Ion Dragoumis, Delta was thrust in the middle of the turbulent early 20th-century Greek politics, from


the United States (United States women's national soccer team) on a penalty shoot-out (penalty shoot-out (association football)) following a 2–2 tie after extra time (Extra time (association football)) and became the first Asian (Asian Football Confederation) team to win a FIFA World Cup.

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