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. Science and technology thumb right 200px A Florence Florentine (Image:Astrology della Robbia OPA Florence.jpg) marble carving of Ptolemy (86–161), who created an Earth-centered universe theory that the scholars Jin Guantao, Fan Hongye, and Liu Qingfeng compare with Zhang Heng's theory published in 125 * 1596: William Barents discovers Spitsbergen. * 1597: Opera in Florence by Jacopo Peri. * May 24


areas of the Earth are the most urbanized, but not necessarily the most populous. Even more than 100 years after the invention of the electric light, some regions remain thinly populated and unlit. White spoke of culture as a general human phenomenon, and claimed not to speak of ‘cultures’ in the plural. His theory, published in 1959 in ''The Evolution of Culture: The Development of Civilization to the Fall of Rome'', rekindled the interest in social evolutionism and is counted

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