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million m³ of groundwater is a major reservoir for the city. The northern part of the city is more hilly than the rest; the distinguished truncated flat-peak shape of the Tangkuban Perahu (Mount Tangkuban Perahu) volcano (''Tangkuban Perahu'' literally means 'upside-down boat') can be seen from the city to the north. Long-term volcanic activity has created fertile andisol (andisols) soil in the north, suitable for intensive rice, fruit, tea


, such as Mount St. Helens and Mount Fuji, lie at ~ 100 km from the trench in arcuate chains, hence the term volcanic arc. Two kinds of arcs are generally observed on Earth: island arcs that formed on oceanic lithosphere, such as the Mariana (Mariana_Islands) or Tonga island arcs, or continental arc that formed on the continent, such as the Cascade Volcanic Arc. Island arcs are produced by the subduction of oceanic lithosphere beneath another oceanic lithosphere

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