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experimentation to further develop the MT technique, long-period deep crustal exploration, and earthquake precursor prediction research. thumb right 160px Andrey Nikolayevich Tikhonov Andrey Tikhonov (File:Tikhonov Andrei.jpg), one of the creators of magentotellurics The magentotelluric technique was introduced by the French geophysicist Louis Cagniard Cagniard, L. (1953) Basic theory of the magneto-telluric method of geophysical prospecting, ''Geophysics'', '''18''', 605–635 ref>


, and illustrates how a kitchen of little pretension can put out world-class food in an environment of passion, hard work, sound technique, long experience, etc. One of the more interesting aspects of the book is that de Groot was blind. '''Marc Seguin''' (April 20, 1786 - February 24, 1875) was a French (France) engineer, inventor of the wire-cable suspension bridge and the multi-tubular steam-engine boiler (firetube boiler). -

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