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was formed, Keflavík Sports Federation (Íþróttabandalag Keflavíkur, ÍBK). Similar sports federations were formed in towns around Iceland. The idea behind them was that various groups and clubs could come together to represent the town in various sports, often against other towns. Another aim was to enable sportsmen from smaller towns to compete against the bigger clubs from Reykjavík, especially in football (association football) and other team sports. The town federations also

represented the town's clubs within national associations. In Keflavík the existing clubs were not disbanded but their operations were limited. Keflavík Youth Club continued to work within the national youth movement, mainly on social and cultural issues. Sporting activities within the youth club and Keflavík Football Club were virtually non-existent, although the youth club participated in the semi-annual national youth festival. The two clubs also played against each other in team sports like


football and racing stadiums — as a result, many athletes, including Olympic Champion Alexei Nemov, Stanley Cup winners Alexei Kovalev and Ilya Bryzgalov had moved to Tolyatti. Former Washington Capitals winger Viktor Kozlov and defenseman Alexei Tezikov were born there. Tolyatti is represented in almost every kind of team sports. Tolyatti's Lada-sponsored Ice Hockey Club (HC Lada Togliatti) broke the Moscow teams' domination of the game. The Lada women's football


, 2013. Sports thumb Speedway track in Yyteri (File:Speedway Extraliiga 22. 5. 2010 - erä 13.jpg) Major team sports in Pori are ice hockey and football (Association football). Pori is especially known for its popular hockey team Ässät which is a three-time Finnish Champion (Liiga), most recently in 2013 (2012–13 SM-liiga season).

NiceFutis is competing in the top division Naisten Liiga. Other popular team sports in Pori are bandy and pesäpallo, the Finnish version of baseball. Women's pesäpallo team Pesäkarhut and bandy side Narukerä are both playing in the premier divisions. Pori has also male or female teams of lower divisions in almost all major team sports, including clubs like Musan Salama (football), Pori Futsal (futsal), Bears (Pori Bears) (American football), Pori Rugby (rugby


KRK Uralets (Yekaterinburg Sports Palace) - Spartak-Merkury Ice Hockey 1992 Women's Hockey Championship 1st Sports Palace Snezhinka - SKA-Sverdlovsk Bandy 1935 Bandy Supreme League 2nd NTZ stadium - Ural Yekaterinburg (BC Ural Yekaterinburg) Basketball 2006 Russian Basketball Super League 2nd Palace of Team Sports - UGMK Yekaterinburg (UMMC Ekaterinburg) Basketball 1938 Russian Women's Basketball Premier League Women's Basketball Premier League

1st Palace of Team Sports - Lokomotiv-Izumrud Yekaterinburg Volleyball 1945 Volleyball Supreme League A (Russian Volleyball Super League) 2nd Palace of Team Sports - Uralochka Yekaterinburg (VC Uralochka-NTMK Yekaterinburg) Volleyball 1966 Women's Volleyball Superleague 1st Palace of Team Sports - Sinara Yekaterinburg (MFK Viz-Sinara Yekaterinburg) Futsal 1992 Futsal Super League (Russian Futsal Super League) 1st Palace of Team Sports The city


the national champions. In team sports our town is professionally presented by the baseball club “KNTU Elizavetgrad” which 16 times became the national champion and 15 times became the owner of Ukrainian sports cup, the football team “Zirka” which is the regular participant of the Ukrainian football championship of the Second League; basketball clubs such as Elizavet-Basket (the silver medalist of the First League of the National Basketball Championship among women) and the basketball team

Geraldton SouthTomi frames.asp?ID 1 work publisher The City of Greater Geraldton accessdate 25 February 2014 Team Sports Geraldton has a number of resident sporting teams, including AFL, Basketball, Netball, Soccer and Roller Derby League. Geraldton is home to the Mid West Academy of Sport, a non-profit community organisation providing support to sporting talent (athletes, coaches, officials and administrators) throughout

Miramichi, New Brunswick

. About one-half of the sport catch of Atlantic salmon in North America are landed on the Miramichi River and its tributaries. The warm waters of Miramichi Bay offer an ideal setting for sailing enthusiasts during summer. The snowy winters are welcomed by cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. An extensive network of trails is available for hiking, cycling, birding, skiing, and snowmobiling. Team sports Miramichi is home to numerous sports teams, including two ice hockey teams. The Miramichi Timberwolves of the Maritime Junior Hockey League plays out of the Miramichi Civic Centre. The Miramichi Phantoms home is Lord Beaverbrook Arena. The city's baseball team, the Chatham Ironmen, plays in the New Brunswick Senior Baseball League at Ironmen Field. They were the winners of the 1995 Canadian Senior Baseball Nationals. As well as many other minor and intermediate hockey and baseball teams. Education Miramichi is served by 11 public schools operated by the New Brunswick Department of Education. Post-secondary education, including a distance education component from the University of New Brunswick, is offered primarily through the Miramichi campus of New Brunswick Community College. south of Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick), New Brunswick, Canada. thumb 350px right A photograph of the Morrissy Bridge (Image:MorrissyBridge.png) The '''Morrissy Bridge''' is a steel truss bridge crossing the Miramichi River at Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick), New Brunswick, Canada. Born in Newcastle, New Brunswick (now Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick)), he graduated from the Dalhousie University law school in Halifax. In 1924, he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and practised law. Other cities and towns also elected new mayors: * In '''Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick)''', John McKay (John McKay (New Brunswick politician)) won in a close three-way battle against Frank Trevors and Gerry Cormier. Arch Pafford, better known for founding the Confederation of Regions Party of New Brunswick, finished a distant fourth. There was no incumbent, as former mayor Rupert Bernard decided to (successfully) run for a seat on city council instead. * In '''Edmundston''', Gérald Allain defeated incumbent Jacques Martin. * The City of '''Edmundston''' banned smoking (Tobacco smoking) in indoor public places by a margin of 74.1% to 25.9%. * The City of '''Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick)''' voted to scrap the ward (ward (politics)) system of electing city council in favour of ten at-large councillors. The plebiscite passed 53.7% to 46.3%. * The Village of '''Belledune (Belledune, New Brunswick)''' decided to keep its ward system, by a margin of 63.3% to 36.7%. Malley, a former Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick) city councillor and bus driver, was first elected to the legislature in the 1999 election (New Brunswick general election, 1999) and was re-elected in 2003 (New Brunswick general election, 2003). '''Loggieville''' is a Canadian (Canada) suburban neighbourhood in the city of Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. The community is located at the mouth of the Miramichi River on the southern bank where the river estuary discharges into the bay. Named after the Loggie family who were prominent local merchants, Loggieville was an incorporated village in Northumberland County (Northumberland County, New Brunswick) until municipal amalgamation in 1995. Early life Foran was a member of the local school board and of the Newcastle municipal council for four terms, including service as deputy mayor and acting mayor prior to Newcastle becoming a part of the City of Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick). When Miramichi became a city, Foran was made the superintendent (Superintendent (police)) of the Miramichi Police Force, having previously been the chief of police for Chatham (Chatham, New Brunswick). Situated on the north shore of Miramichi Bay at the southern end of the Acadian Peninsula, the village is located 44 kilometres northeast of Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick). Approximately 92% of its residents are francophone. Siege of Thomaston, Maine During the French and Indian War, on 13 August 1758 French officer Boishebert left Miramichi, New Brunswick with 400 soldiers for Fort St George (Thomaston, Maine). His detachment reached there on 9 September but was caught in an ambush and had to withdraw. This was Boishébert’s last Acadian expedition. Phyllis E. Leblanc Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online; Cyrus Eaton's history, p. 77 death_date birth_place Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick), New Brunswick resides Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), Ontario


. 1981) * Petter Vaagan Moen, footballer (b. 1984) * Even Wetten, former speed skater (speed skating) (b. 1982) * Ole Edvard Antonsen, trumpet player (b. 1962) * Thorstein Helstad, footballer * Marcus Pedersen, footballer * Ole Børud, singer, song-writer, and instrumentalist (b. 1976) Sports Team sports Hamar boasts several teams at the Norwegian top level in various sports: * Hamarkameratene (Ham-Kam) is a Association football football


and Alderney. Sport


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