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of the Polish Patent Office, SUN, Novell, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, as well as various patent lawyers, confirmed that the present proposal of the EU Council does make all software potentially patentable. "Poland Does Not Support Current Proposal for EU Software Patent Directive", Joint Press Release Foundation a Free Information Infrastructure, Internet Society Poland, Released December 4, 2004. The next day, Nicolas Schmit, deputy foreign minister of Luxembourg (which at that time chaired the Council), said that he would instead ask the Council to formally adopt the draft directive at a meeting on 17 February. Although Poland stated it would only oppose this if other countries raised an objection, reports of opposition from Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain ensured that the common position was not on the agenda for that meeting of the Commission. Veneration Around the abbey allegedly founded by him in the 7th century (Abbey of St. Gilles), sprang up the town of St-Gilles-du-Gard (Saint-Gilles, Gard). The abbey (which was re-dedicated to him in the 10th century) remained the center of his cult, which was particularly strong in Languedoc, even after a rival body of Saint Giles appeared at Toulouse. Pierre-Gilles Girault, 2002. "Observations sur le culte de saint Gilles dans le Midi", in ''Hagiographie et culte des saints en France méridionale (XIIIe-XVe siècle)'', ''Cahiers de Fanjeaux'' '''37''', pp. 431-454. His cult spread rapidly far and wide throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, as is witnessed by the countless churches and monasteries dedicated to him in France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Great Britain; by the numerous manuscripts in prose and verse commemorating his virtues and miracles; and especially by the vast concourse of pilgrims who from all Europe flocked to his shrine. thumb left Giles, depicted in the lower left with a hind, is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers (Image:14Nothelfer.JPG). Despite an initially uneasy relationship with communist authorities (Communist Romania) who denounced him as formalist (Formalism (art)), Baba soon established himself as an illustrator and artist. In 1955 he was allowed to travel to the Soviet Union, and won a Gold Medal in an international exhibition in Warsaw, Poland. In 1956, Baba accompanied ''The Chess Player'' and two other paintings showed at the Venice Biennale, after which the paintings traveled on to exhibits in Moscow, Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), and Prague. Susara, 2001, p. 166. Aliyah was also spurred during this period by the resurgence of messianic fervor among the Jews of France (History of the Jews in France), Italy (History of the Jews in Italy), the Germanic states (History of the Jews in Germany), Poland, Russia (History of the Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union) and North Africa. WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland

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