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with lots of spices. There is a whole block near the center of town that consists mainly of restaurants serving this and other dishes. Turn right at the end of that block, there is a nice small trendy restaurant on the right. Specialties are ice cream and Japanese Taiwan style light meals. The jiaozi are excellent. Drink Sleep * Wikipedia:Bengbu

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Forchu , the peninsula that guards Yarmouth Harbour. The tall "apple core" style is a notable example of modernist style light tower. "Cape Forchu Lighthouse", Nova Scotian Lighthouse Preservation Society website Climate Yarmouth has either a humid continental climate or an oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification ''Dfb Cfb'').

Equatorial Guinea

120 members. There is also a Gendarmerie, but the number of members is unknown. The Gendarmerie is a new branch of the service in which training and education is being supported by the French Military Cooperation in Equatorial Guinea. Overall the military is poorly trained and equipped. It has mostly small arms, RPG (rocket-propelled grenade)s, and mortars (Mortar (weapon)). Almost none of its Soviet (Soviet armed forces)-style light-armored vehicles or trucks are operational

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