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-sderot-cinema-as-israel-steps-up-attacks-on-hamas-in-gaza-strip story-fnh81ifq-1226988013066 Locals cheer bombing from ‘Sderot cinema’ as Israel steps up attacks on Hamas in Gaza strip DNA: Why Israel's #SderotCinema – people gathering to watch live bombing of Gaza – should make us all uncomfortable ref>


during most of World War II. He was arrested by the Gestapo on February 3, 1944, but was freed by the Allies on April 1, 1945. He returned to Poznań on July 20, 1945. He was transferred to Warsaw and named primate of Poland on June 13, 1946. He strongly opposed the communist regime there. Comics In comic strips and comic books, Pete is consistently depicted as a hardened criminal. In the 1943 comic strip story ''Mickey Mouse on a Secret Mission'', he was an agent of Nazi

Germany , working as the henchman of Gestapo spy Von Weasel. In the 1950 comic strip story ''The Moook Treasure'', he's even portrayed as the Beria (Lavrentiy Beria)-like deputy chief of intelligence in a totalitarian state on the other side of the iron curtain. In May 1936 he was sent to the Westend hospital in Berlin-Charlottenburg because of his tuberculosis, but under Gestapo surveillance. He died in the Nordend hospital in Berlin-Pankow, still in police custody, on 4

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