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individuals' progressive moral degradation in the face of a hostile society. In it, the history of several Shanghai women are narrated, and whose stories show their lives disintegrating in response to lack of affection and of acknowledgment by the society surrounding them, leading them down a tragic path from which they cannot escape. In 1937, Cao Yu's third play, ''The Wilderness'' (the Chinese name of which can also be translated as ''The Field''), was released but which enjoyed less success than


close friend Shatterstar was undergoing an identity crisis. Both characters have since appeared separately so one assumes they succeeded. These stories show scenes from young Rictor's childhood, showing how he was forced to watch his father, an arms merchant, being killed by the time-tossed villain known


character. Usually, her stories show her interactions not with the Duck Clan, but with Goofy (the only exception are the stories ''Il dottor Paperus'', parody of Goethe's Faust in the 1950s, and its sequel ''Paperino e il seguito della storia'', published in 1999). This is due to her irritation of the fact that Goofy staunchly refuses to believe in magic or witches of any sort, believing instead that real magic is the same as regular trick magic, and that those claiming to be magicians (including

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