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, who led the expedition. The Mexican government welcomed the Seminole allies as border guards on the frontier. Foster 42–43; Mulroy 58; Porter, ''Black'', 130–31. *1962 - ''Five Weeks in a Balloon'' (Five Weeks in a Balloon (film))'', USA, directed by Irwin Allen and starring Red Buttons, Fabian (Fabian (entertainer)), Barbara Eden, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Peter Lorre, Richard Haydn, Barbara Luna (see


about nine kilograms (twenty pounds) . Although starvation was avoided, persistent hunger, something not seen since before the Cuban Revolution, suddenly became a daily experience, and initially, malnutrition in children under five was evident after just a few weeks of these food shortages. Australia An Australian version of the show starring Red Symons ran from February to April 2002 on the Nine Network

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