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East Germany

World Magazine as European Swimmer of the Year (Swimming World Swimmers of the Year) in 1985 and 1987, but her achievements are regarded with suspicion due to the state-run systematic doping (doping (sport)) program run by East Germany. In 1991, former East German swimming coach Michael Regner claimed that in the 1980s he had been instructed to distribute anabolic steroids to team swimmers, including Hörner. sports political-pressure-dismantles


;PKFHSPKFHS sports political-pressure-dismantles-east-german-sports-machine.html?pagewanted all "Political Pressure Dismantles East German Sports Machine", New York Times 12 February 1991 At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Hörner, set a world record in the 200 m breaststroke on her way to gold, reclaiming the record from Allison Higson of Canada who had broken it earlier in the year. She was well outside her world


of Service Intelligence at the Ministry of Defence in 1966 before retiring in 1967. Personal life The great-grandfather of Christian Karembeu, who came from New Caledonia was one of the hundred islanders taken to Paris and exhibited there as "cannibals" by the French (French people) people. Later the "cannibals" were swapped with Germany for some crocodiles. sports political+football+lilian

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