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. The institute has gained international recognition in particular for jewelry and industrial design. Other areas of expertise include metal, woodworking and furniture. The Faculty of Physical Activity at Lahti University of Applied Sciences offers a bachelor's degree programme in Sports Studies. The Sports Institute of Finland, which is based in Vierumäki near Lahti, is the most versatile centre of sports education in the country. In addition, Pajulahti Training Center, located in the neighboring town


. Retrieved on 20 July 2008 Since 2011, a Tourist Information Office was opened, located behind the National History Museum, with useful information on Tirana and Albania. Education Tirana is host to academic institutions such as the University of Tirana, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Agricultural University of Tirana, Academy of Physical Education and Sports (Academy of Physical and Sports Education Vojo Kushi), Academy of Music


, telecommunications, sports, education, agriculture, mining, construction, and engineering. The backbone of transportation in the area is Highway 401 (Ontario Highway 401), the busiest roadway in North America and among the busiest in the world. The area is home to five public research universities and six provincially funded colleges. '''Kastelorizo''' ( - ''Kastelorizo'', officially Μεγίστη - ''Megisti'') is a Greek (Greece) island and Communities


of English (English language)—to Japan as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and Sports Education Advisors (SEAs) in Japanese kindergartens, elementary (elementary school), junior high (junior high school) and high schools, or as Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) in local governments and boards of education. JET Programme participants are collectively called JETs. is one of the seven wards (wards of Japan) of Fukuoka City

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