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Caye Caulker

'''Caye Caulker''' is a small limestone coral island off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea measuring about Wikipedia:Caye Caulker Commons:Category:Caye Caulker


and beverages aren't allowed. Unfortunately, in the past, this park had some problems with safety due to faulty construction and poor design, and a speed water slide that has a short end, which requires a guard hold an inner tube to prevent a rider from smacking into the wall at the end. Prices range between $5-10. * '''Catfish Park''' (Taman Lele). Kecamatan Tugu. Open daily. Facilities: children's playground, cultural and art shows, animal shows. * '''Marina Beach'''. North Semarang. Facilities: swimming pool, children's playground, beach volleyball, water sports. * '''Ngaliyan Tirta Indah''', Jalan Raya Ngaliyan Kecamatan Ngaliyan. Facilities: swimming pool, beautiful plantation, flower garden, sports centre. * '''Puri Maerokoco''' and '''Kampoeng Laut''' (a famous over-the-water restaurant). Tawangmas PRPP, a clone of TMII (Jakarta). Facilities: cultural and art shows, boat, water bike, small train, fishing pond. * '''Sodong''', 20 km from Semarang. Beautiful plantation, fishing pond, swimming pool. * '''Mangkang Zoo''', located in West Semarang. There are a lot of animals here but it lacks public appeal. Do * Commons:Category:Semarang

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