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in the lower castle were not resumed until the 1980s and were completed by the Lithuanian authorities in the early 1990s. Today the Island Castle serves as the main tourist attraction, hosting various cultural events such as operas and concerts. Karaim community thumb Map of Trakai (File:Trakai map.jpg) left thumb The Karaim kenesa (File:Trakai Kenesa.JPG) Karaims (Crimean Karaites) (or Karaites) are a small Turkic-speaking (Karaim language) religious and ethnic group resettled


'', 2006, ''s.v.'' "Glauberg". Archaeological (archaeology) discoveries in the 1990s place the site among the most important early Celtic centres in Europe. It provides unprecedented evidence on Celtic burial, sculpture and monumental architecture. thumb right Beuron Archabbey (Image:Erzabtei Beuron.JPG) The '''Beuronese Congregation''', or '''Beuron Congregation''', is a union of mostly German (Germany) or German-speaking (German language) religious houses of both monks and nuns within the Benedictine Confederation. The congregation stands under the protection of Saint Martin of Tours. '''Neresheim Abbey''' or the '''Abbey of Saints Ulrich and Afra, Neresheim''' ( Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany

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