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East Germany

; is the sound made by the video game Frogger when a coin is inserted?). The Communists see Küsters's husband as a 'revolutionary' and a misguided victim of capitalism, but she is initially unpersuaded; her husband saw communists as troublemakers. Her daughter Corinna advises her mother to have nothing to do with them, and points out the differing conditions enjoyed by the authorities and the people in the East (East Germany). An article on the tragedy by Niemeyer (Gottfried John), a photojournalist who had earlier shown a particular interest in the family, appears in a magazine. Emma finds the article objectionable, but her daughter, who has embarked on an affair with Niemeyer, defends him on 'earning a living' grounds. At the factory, Emma Küsters finds that the company pension scheme will not apply in her case; the workers' council (Works council) and the company board are at one on the issue. Her daughter leaves, and Ernst and Helene, newly returned from holiday, announce they are to set up home on their own. Helene, expecting a child, does not get along with her sister-in-law. Europe * The New Zealand Government (w:New Zealand Government) is to investigate how 20-year-old top secret papers were released. They show that New Zealand (w:New Zealand) was spying on the communications of Argentina (w:Argentina), the Soviet Union (w:Soviet Union), East Germany (w:East Germany), France (w:France), Egypt (w:Egypt), Japan (w:Japan), North Korea (w:North Korea), Vietnam (w:Vietnam), Laos (w:Laos), the Philippines (w:Philippines), Fiji (w:Fiji), Tonga (w:Tonga), the Solomon Islands (w:Solomon Islands), South Africa (w:South Africa) and even the United Nations (w:United Nations) diplomatic cables. The union has also demanded equal pay for drivers in former East Germany (w:East Germany). Georg Milbradt (w:Georg Milbradt), chief negotiator for Germany's state governments, said that giving equal wages to the drivers in former East Germany would be extremely difficult. The accident occurred at Kindel Air Field, which is located south of Berlin (w:Berlin), near Eisenach (w:Eisenach). The aircraft involved was a Zlin Z-37 Cmelak (w:Zlin Z-37 Cmelak), a Czech (Czech Republic) built single-seater plane which had been used by authorities in former East Germany (w:East Germany) as a cropduster (w:cropduster). Host German Chancellor Angela Merkel reminisced that the end of the Cold War came as a total surprise. "The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall should remind us all what incredible luck we had with the reunification of Europe and Germany," commented Merkel, who grew up in communist East Germany (w:East Germany), in Monday's edition of the ''Bild (w:Bild)'' newspaper.


Ukraine. It is the administrative centre of Nadvirna Raion. Button whirligigs thumb A traditional button whirligig from Ukraine (Image:Фурфалка з ґудзику.jpg) — called a ''фуркалка (:uk:фуркалка)'' "furkalka" due to the sound made from spinning. Button whirligigs (also known as button spinners and buzzers (Buzzer (whirligig))) may be the oldest whirligigs in historical terms, requiring only a piece of clay or bone and a strip of hide. Native American cultures had


flute. It is traditionally made of bamboo, but versions now exist in ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and hardwoods. It was used by the monks of the Fuke school (Fuke Zen) of Zen Buddhism in the practice of . Its soulful sound made it popular in 1980s pop music in the English-speaking world. thumb right 300px Sketch of a komuso (Image:A begging criminal-J. M. W. Silver.jpg) (right) playing shakuhachi

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