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Pebble Beach, California

attainment in the United States well-educated workers in the social service (education and health care), management and finance sectors. While Monterey County has a very large Hispanic population, Pebble Beach is more ethnically homogenous, with 91.4% of the population being White, 5.3% Asian, 2.3% Hispanic or Latino and 0.4% African American. The median household income is $99,788, with 54% with incomes between $50,000 and $150,000 and a little more than a quarter of households, 26.2%, with incomes exceeding $150,000. Household income (Household income in the United States) figures, however, may not accurately reflect the area's wealth as 50.8% of households received social security income and 30.8% were retired. and two Challenge Tour victories, the 1998 Volvo Finnish Open and the 2000 Finnish Masters. An 18-year-old Gene Tierney, who was then appearing on Broadway (Broadway theatre), was offered the role of Velvet Brown in 1939. Production was delayed, however, so Tierney returned to Broadway. Tierney and Herskowitz (1978) Wyden Books. "Self-Portrait". pg.23 Much of the film was shot in Pebble Beach, California, with the most scenic views on Pebble Beach Golf Links, http: media_sacbee.html with some golf holes visible in the background.

Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles

, Filipino churches (Filipino Christian Church, Iglesia ni Kristo, St. Columban Filipino Catholic Church, United Church of God Ministries, Praise Christian Fellowship, and Congregational Christian Church), housing (Manila Terrace, Mindanao Towers, Mountain View Terrace, and Villa Ramos), and social service centers. Many Filipino American families began purchasing homes and establishing businesses in the area beginning from the 1940s, shifting away from the downtown area now known as Little

Federal Emergency Relief Administration

Assistant Secretary of Labor. Altmeyer (1968), ix; and David Brian Robertson, "Policy Entrepreneurs and Policy Divergence: John R. Commons and William Beveridge," ''The Social Service Review'' 62, no. 3 (September 1988), 513. The economy, which had experienced significant recovery since the Civil War, was dealt a double blow by the Great Depression (Great Depression in the United States) and the Dust Bowl. After the Stock Market Crash of 1929, the economy

Downtown Eastside

of Hastings Street are still empty, with entire buildings often up for sale. New art galleries, convenience stores, fast food outlets, social service organizations and other small businesses continually open here. In the 1980s, many of the street prostitutes in other parts of Vancouver, such as the nearby West End (West End, Vancouver), were kicked out of the neighbourhood after a community campaign led by Gordon Price and ended up in the DTES – now known to sex trade workers as the "low track" – and contiguous industrial areas near Vancouver's port. Many believe that this has exacerbated the problem of violence against prostitutes. Over 600 women associated with the DTES low track have gone missing since the early 1980s. Robert William Pickton has been charged with the murders of 26 of these women and convicted on six counts. The BC Missing Women Investigation is ongoing. Image:Hotel Empress.jpg thumb left 250px Hotel Empress at 235 East Hastings is one of the many single-room occupancy hotels in the area. In the fall of 2006, residents were issued eviction notices. "Council defers vote on redevelopment," ''Metro News'', 20 October 2006. Demographics thumb left A Chinese temple in the heart of East Hastings shows the diversity of the neighbourhood. The building was originally a Salvation Army (File:Downtown Eastside temple.jpeg) Temple. The Downtown Eastside, as defined by the City of Vancouver, was home to 16,590 people in 2001. According to the city, 10% of the residents self-identified as Aboriginal in 2001, which comprised approximately 10% of the total Aboriginal population in the city. The Globe and Mail indicated a higher number, having reported that 14% of the residents are of Aboriginal descent, and 9% are status Indians (Indian Act). In the same year, 43% of the population were immigrants, with 23% of those being from China, 5% from Vietnam, 2% from Hong Kong and 14% from all other countries. One percent of residents were on visas or had refugee status. The average household size is 1.3 residents; 82% of the population lived alone. Children and teenagers make up 7% of the population, compared to 25% for Canada overall. The average income for adults living alone is $6,282 per year, and $14,024 after government subsidies. In comparison, the average for Canada is less than $21,000 for adults living alone. 62% of the residents over the age of 15 are not considered participants in the labour force, compared to 33% in Vancouver as a whole. A large number of service personnel work and or live in the area. These include cooks and kitchen staff, paramedics, police and firemen, social service and employment agency representatives. Mental health workers, doctors and alternative therapy practitioners, educators, priests, nuns and other members of the clergy also make up a significant portion of the population. The area is home to many artists and social activists. Problems Drug use thumb right 250px Vancouver Police Department Vancouver police (Image:VPD and perp.jpg) making an arrest in a DTES alley. The Downtown Eastside has a high incidence of HIV and Hepatitis C (Hep C) infection. Guy Babineau, "Poverty and Prejudice, not drugs, fuel BC's HIV rise," The Georgia Straight, 1 December 2005. There is also a persistent drug problem in the Downtown Eastside, with the most common drugs being heroin , crack cocaine, cocaine in powdered form (which is often taken intravenously as well as simply insufflated snorted), and—increasingly—crystal methamphetamine (methamphetamine). Robert Pickton (w:Robert Pickton), one of Canada's most profilic serial killer (w:serial killer)s, has been found guilty of all six counts of second-degree murder (w:murder) in connection of the deaths of women from the Downtown Eastide (w:Downtown Eastside) in Vancouver (w:Vancouver).

Tenderloin, San Francisco

San Francisco, California, United States type Nightclub

Princeton, British Columbia

; Princeton has a hospital and long-term care center (Princeton General Hospital and Ridgewood Lodge), two Seniors' Clubs and several seniors' and handicapped housing facilities, and a variety of drug and alcohol counseling services, an adult mental care drop-in center, a program for women in abusive relationships, and numerous other social service institutions. Princeton on film Image:Princeton, BC - fairgrounds.jpg thumb left Sunflower Downs, Princeton's fair

Lake View, Chicago

congregations of various denominations, social service agencies, banks, and merchants. http: member.htm Services Libraries As one of the most populated community areas in the city of Chicago, Lake View has many outlets for education. The John Merlo Branch http: 002branches merlo merlo.html of the Chicago Public Library houses one of the city's largest collections of gay, lesbian, bisexual


reputation of the country. People have questioned the decision of a survey last month to designate Finland as the world's "most livable country". Psycho-social service manager Anna Cantell-Forsbom from nearby Vantaa (w:Vantaa) has spoken out about her view that the shooting was mainly caused by a lack of psychiatric care available to the Finnish youth and therefore did not reflect on Finnish society. The shooting has also prompted a move by the Finnish government (w:Politics of Finland) to raise the legal age for gun ownership from 15 years to 18 years.

Uptown, Chicago

helped organize the Intercommunal Survival Committee, a sort of white support arm of the Black Panther Party. The committee evolved into the Heart of Uptown Coalition, a political and social service organization then steeped in the rhetoric of Marxism. In the coalition, "comrades" were expected to organize "cadres." "We must have the frame of mind that as revolutionaries we have (to) be able to solve any problem that comes our way..." Shiller said. The Uptown Coalition provided an array of programs geared toward providing essential services for the poor, including medical clinics for pregnant women, mothers and young children; a legal aid clinic, food pantries and distributing clothes and meals to the poor. Due to budget constraints Chicago eliminated the traditional July 3 fireworks in Grant Park, instead opting for a down-scaled fireworks displays in three different locations in Chicago on the 4th of July, the north side display will now be held at Montrose Beach every year. http: b 2010 06 29 4th-of-july-fireworks-in-chicago.htm

La Jolla

La Jolla publisher Independent La Jolla date accessdate 2010-06-30 a membership-based citizens group seeking to secede from the city of San Diego. Service clubs in La Jolla include Kiwanis, Rotary (Rotary International), La Jolla Woman's Club After World War II General McNarney returned to the United States as senior member of the United Nations Military Staff Committee in New York City in March 1947. He became commanding general of Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio in October. He left Air Materiel Command to become chief of the Department of Defense's Management Committee in September 1949. McNarney retired on January 31, 1952 and held executive positions with General Dynamics, and later served on the Draper Committee. He died February 1, 1972 in La Jolla, California.

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